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Who on this message board, is gonna pony up for the 1WYO collective?

I think buying kids gifts directly, as you have done, is a way better use of dollars than donating any money to non profits. Most non profits are started so that rich people's worthless kids can get a cushy job doing nothing or are money laundering/bribery outfits. It can be both and then it's called The Clinton Foundation.
Agree that being selective is very important in choosing which non-profits to donate to. I wouldn’t generally donate to national non-profits for the reasons you generally point to. But there are several local non-profits which truly make a difference and operate on relatively lean overhead budgets.

Buying Christmas gifts directly for kids gives us piece of mind with our donation but is also a lot of fun! My wife and I enjoy going out usually the weekend of thanksgiving and checking out the stores and filling up the shopping cart with both cool and needed items and then wrapping them all. In Wyoming, several groups set this up every year (local school districts, Wyoming National Guard, etc…)

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