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New Forum, New Smack

Hmmm i never knew that since I won't kiss the opponents ass, that makes me a bad apple. I'm a true fan, I'll be on this forum all year. You may be one out of all your wahoo friends that will be remaining...It'd be a shame if you created that thread just to run away after the final whistle blows. I'll be back on here most likely Sunday, because there is too much going on saturday, just so you know. I'll allow you to eat your crow on Sunday.
I'm an old man, so I'm not going to go to the trouble of coming up with a picture of this to post, but picture this: University of Virginia as a balloon and the University of Wyoming as a pin about to pop the balloon.
Nice one WYCowboy...?

Picture this... there's a three legged hippo running in a field with Paris Hilton riding it's back, they're attacked by a rabid group of sea otters dive bomb from the tree... sorry I don't know where I was going with that I just thought it might be fun to picture.

Picture this WyCowboy, there's this scoreboard in your stadium, tommorrow around five o'clock it will read Visitors- 17 Cowboys- 7
WOW! Besides the scoreboard thing... That has to be one of the most randomly, hillarious thing I've ever seen on here!! lol I'm serious, good stuff!!
Mere hours away from your ass whuppin Cowjerks....can you smell the burnt rawhide in the air? UVA by 20...
Last chance to smack talk before game time!1 Man I wish I was out there.. I should have crossed the border and gone to a VA bar to watch it. Although I just remembered I haven't been to the dry cleaners in a while and they probably wouldn't let me in without a tie on. Oh well, I will drive through VA next week and fly my WYO flags proudly. BTW nice randomness UVa with the hippo, PAris Hilton thing.. interesting look into your brain.. GO POKES!!
Wyoming is the best team in that league. Found a great shopping page where you can get a Ram Pinata for your tailgating when you play CSU Rams. Bam those Rams. www.shop.ohsolucky.com.