Ragtime Cowboy Joe

Ragtime Cowboy Joe is the name of the fight song at the University of Wyoming. The song was originally composed by Grant Clarke in 1912. The song was adopted by the University of Wyoming and has been used by the Western Thunder Marching Band during big plays or scoring drives.

He always sings raggy music to the cattle as he swings back and forward in the saddle,
on a horse – a pretty good horse! He’s got a syncopated gaiter, and you ought to hear the meter
to the roar of his repeater; how they run – yes run! – when they hear that he’s ‘a-comin’,
cause the western folks all know, he’s a high-falootin’, rootin, tootin’, son of a gun from ol’ Wyoming,
Ragtime Cowboy, Talk about your Cowboy, Ragtime Cowboy Joe.
C! O! W! B! O! Y! S!