History of the Border War

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The Border War is an annual game between the Colorado State Rams and the Wyoming Cowboys. The history of the Border War started in 1899 when the Cowboys traveled to Fort Collins, CO to take on the Rams. The Cowboys lost that first contest 12-0, but this would be the first of many games played between the two schools. Laramie and Fort Collins are only 66 miles a part down highway 287. The game is longest continuous rivalry West of the Mississippi, and has been played over the course of three centuries.

In 1968 the two schools decided to give the game a traveling trophy, a trophy that is called the Bronze Boot. The Bronze Boot is a size 8 jump boot worn by Colorado State alum Dan Romero Sr., a Vietnam War veteran. The idea of the bronze boot was conceived by Maj. Vic Fernandez who felt nothing was more appropriate for a border war than a battle tested combat boot. Romero was deployed to Vietnam between 1966 and 1967. Romero had the boot bronzed and mounted on a walnut base and gave the universities the trophy. Dan Romero passed away on January 27, 2020.

Each year the game ball is carried to the host school by the two school’s ROTC detachments. The two ROTC detachments meet at the Wyoming/Colorado border, exchange the game ball, and run it to the stadium hosting the game.  The game has been played every year except for 12 (1901, 1902, 1906, 1907, 1918, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1943, 1944, and 1945). In past years the Wyoming ROTC has shown up at the Colorado border wearing 19th century cavalry uniforms and mounted on horseback to greet the Colorado State contingent. At this point the game has been played 108 times, Colorado State leading the series 58-47-5. Since the Bronze Boot has come into the annual game, Wyoming leads in the series 28-24.

* indicates tie

DateLocationWinning Team
Score Losing Team
11-30-1899Fort Collins, COColorado State12Wyoming0
11-24-1900Fort Collins, COColorado State16Wyoming0
11-14-1903Fort Collins, COColorado State17Wyoming0
11-24-1904Laramie, WYColorado State6Wyoming6*
11-25-1905Fort Collins, COColorado State34Wyoming5
11-14-1908Laramie, WYColorado State20Wyoming0
10-16-1909Fort Collins, COColorado State32Wyoming3
11-24-1910Laramie, WYWyoming10Colorado State0
11-20-1911Fort Collins, COWyoming27Colorado State0
11-28-1912Laramie, WYColorado State33Wyoming0
11-27-1913Fort Collins, COColorado State61Wyoming0
10-24-1914Laramie, WYColorado State48Wyoming10
11-6-1915Laramie, WYColorado State48Wyoming0
9-30-1916Fort Collins, COColorado State40Wyoming0
10-6-1917Laramie, WYWyoming6Colorado State0
9-27-1919Laramie, WYColorado State28Wyoming0
10-4-1919Fort Collins, COColorado State14Wyoming0
10-2-1920Laramie, WYColorado State13Wyoming0
10-16-1920Fort Collins, COColorado State42Wyoming0
10-1-1921Fort Collins, COColorado State7Wyoming7*
10-14-1922Laramie, WYColorado State60Wyoming0
9-29-1923Fort Collins, COColorado State33Wyoming0
11-26-1925Fort Collins, COColorado State40Wyoming0
10-4-1929Fort Collins, COColorado State20Wyoming7
11-8-1930Fort Collins, COWyoming20Colorado State7
11-7-1931Laramie, WYColorado State26Wyoming6
11-24-1932Fort Collins, COColorado State23Wyoming0
9-30-1933Laramie, WYColorado State7Wyoming0
11-3-1934Fort Collins, COColorado State16Wyoming0
9-28-1935Laramie, WYColorado State12Wyoming3
10-17-1936Laramie, WYColorado State0Wyoming0*
10-16-1937Fort Collins, COWyoming7Colorado State0
10-1-1938Laramie, WYWyoming0Colorado State0*
11-4-1939Fort Collins, COColorado State22Wyoming0
10-5-1940Laramie, WYColorado State0Wyoming0*
10-4-1941Fort Collins, COColorado State27Wyoming0
9-26-1942Laramie, WYColorado State10Wyoming0
10-5-1946Laramie, WYColorado State7Wyoming0
11-27-1947Fort Collins, COColorado State21Wyoming6
10-16-1948Laramie, WYColorado State21Wyoming20
10-1-1949Fort Collins, COWyoming8Colorado State0
10-7-1950Laramie, WYWyoming34Colorado State0
10-13-1951Fort Collins, COColorado State14Wyoming7
10-11-1952Laramie, WYColorado State14Wyoming0
10-10-1953Laramie, WYWyoming21Colorado State14
10-9-1954Fort Collins, COWyoming34Colorado State0
10-8-1955Laramie, WYColorado State14Wyoming13
10-6-1956Fort Collins, COWyoming20Colorado State12
10-12-1957Laramie, WYWyoming27Colorado State13
10-8-1958Fort Collins, COWyoming7Colorado State6
10-10-1959Laramie, WYWyoming29Colorado State0
10-15-1960Fort Collins, COWyoming40Colorado State8
10-14-1961Laramie, WYWyoming18Colorado State7
10-27-1962Fort Collins, COWyoming28Colorado State7
10-12-1963Laramie, WYWyoming21Colorado State3
9-19-1964Laramie, WYWyoming31Colorado State7
9-25-1965Fort Collins, COWyoming33Colorado State14
10-29-1966Fort Collins, COColorado State12Wyoming10
9-30-1967Laramie, WYWyoming13Colorado State10
11-2-1968Fort Collins, COWyoming46Colorado State14
10-4-1969Laramie, WYWyoming39Colorado State3
10-10-1970Fort Collins, COWyoming16Colorado State6
10-2-1971Laramie, WYWyoming17Colorado State6
10-14-1972Fort Collins, COWyoming28Colorado State9
10-20-1973Laramie, WYWyoming35Colorado State3
11-2-1974Fort Collins, COColorado State11Wyoming6
10-4-1975Laramie, WYColorado State3Wyoming0
10-30-1976Fort Collins, COColorado State19Wyoming16
10-29-1977Laramie, WYWyoming29Colorado State13
10-28-1978Fort Collins, COWyoming13Colorado State3
9-29-1979Laramie, WYColorado State20Wyoming16
11-1-1980Fort Collins, COColorado State28Wyoming25
10-31-1981Laramie, WYWyoming55Colorado State21
9-11-1982Fort Collins, COColorado State9Wyoming3
11-19-1983Laramie, WYWyoming42Colorado State17
10-27-1984Fort Collins, COWyoming43Colorado State34
10-26-1985Laramie, WYColorado State30Wyoming19
10-25-1986Fort Collins, COColorado State20Wyoming15
10-31-1987Laramie, WYWyoming20Colorado State15
10-29-1988Fort Collins, COWyoming48Colorado State14
11-4-1989Laramie, WYWyoming56Colorado State35
11-3-1990Fort Collins, COColorado State17Wyoming8
10-26-1991Laramie, WYWyoming35Colorado State28
10-24-1992Fort Collins, COWyoming31Colorado State14
11-20-1993Laramie, WYColorado State41Wyoming21
11-5-1994Fort Collins, COColorado State35Wyoming24
10-28-1995Laramie, WYColorado State31Wyoming24
11-16-1996Fort Collins, COWyoming25Colorado State24
10-18-1997Laramie, WYColorado State14Wyoming7
11-7-1998Fort Collins, COWyoming27Colorado State19
10-23-1999Laramie, WYColorado State24Wyoming13
11-16-2000Fort Collins, COColorado State37Wyoming13
9-29-2001Laramie, WYColorado State42Wyoming14
10-12-2002Fort Collins, COColorado State44Wyoming36
11-1-2003Laramie, WYWyoming35Colorado State28
10-22-2004Fort Collins, COColorado State30Wyoming7
10-22-2005Fort Collins, COColorado State39Wyoming31
10-21-2006Laramie, WYWyoming24Colorado State0
11-23-2007Fort Collins, COColorado State36Wyoming28
11-22-2008Laramie, WYColorado State31Wyoming20
11-27-2009Fort Collins, COWyoming17Colorado State16
11-20-2010Laramie, WYWyoming44Colorado State0
12-3-2011Fort Collins, COWyoming22Colorado State19
11-3-2012Laramie, WYWyoming45Colorado State31
10-19-2013Laramie, WYColorado State52Wyoming22
10-25-2014Fort Collins, COColorado State45Wyoming31
11-5-2015Laramie, WYColorado State 26Wyoming7
10-1-2016Fort Collins, COWyoming 38Colorado State17
11-4-2017Laramie, WYWyoming 16Colorado State13
10-26-2018Fort Collins, COWyoming 34Colorado State21
11-22-2019Laramie, WYWyoming 17Colorado State7