Rv's and Tailgating

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This has been interesting for me this year. I've watched hundreds of campers go into the "Ford stadium lot - is it still called that?" - and dozens over at the old concentration camp for married students that was leveled years ago. Then dozens more north of the stadium.

1. Did UW actually start allowing people to park their campers down on campus? If so that is really smart. When I lived in Shoshoni, Jackson, and Sheridan, it would make sense to spend the least amount for season tickets, and I would be happy to put a camper down there for my kids and us to hang out in on game day.

2. It seems like a great idea to allow campers to park over there. Hell, they are camping out, not polluting, it should be cheap (I think?))

3. Get the damn road trip costs and overnight costs down. seems reasonable? They have plenty of land near the stadium.

More season ticket holders - and hopefully they don't have to spend $100's of dollars on a ticket. Who wants to drive from Cody to Laramie with a trailer every weekend when they could leave it for the season.
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