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Where do you fall?

COVID is entirely a hoax. Leftists just want to take our freedoms away unless you fit into their narrative (eg. BLM or protest/riot). People who don't see that are socialists/marxists and just want to cause division and economic hardship in the country because they hate Trump.
COVID is the worst thing ever. Trump is an idiot and the reason we are where we are. Masks should be mandatory and should be enforced, schools should stay closed. Non-essential businesses who open should be shut down. People who don't agree are selfish jerks, racist, and brainwashed.
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COVID warrants our attention, but this is going too far and the response is causing more harm than it should or otherwise would have. People will die. The other side is denying the science.
COVID warrants our attention, and its good to give up some freedoms for safety. People not doing their part have made the situation worse. People are dying. The other side is denying the science.
I have no opinion and just think that people are being way too hypocritical about it all. Election year.
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I'm just curious about how many/where most of the board falls on this. This isn't to cause division or strife, just gauging where I fall compared to others. I know probably none of the answers is exactly your feelings on it and two answers may both have some elements how you feel.
This is the first poll I've tried making on this, so sorry if I botched the formatting. If you want to be anonymous, well, I don't know if it will show your already anonymous name or not.
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