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ragtimejoe1 wrote:
Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:34 pm
Asmodeanreborn wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:56 pm
ragtimejoe1 wrote:
Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:01 am

I worked real jobs with real men of all religions, ethnicities, and whatever else.

I'll guarantee you there wasn't 1 man with his "feelings hurt" and there was nothing held back ever. Get the damn job done is all that mattered. If you did get the job done, you had respect despite what words were thrown around. If you didn't get the job done, you didn't get respect and likely run off. Race, religion, or anything else didn't matter.
Real jobs, as opposed to what? Fake jobs? :D

Honestly, if people don't get why it's just inappropriate to throw the N-word around as a white dude, then I guess I wouldn't bother explaining it either. Our officers called us all kinds of names in the military. Never that, though.
As opposed to a bunch of white collar former frat boys who feel sorry for something they said in a frat house during their time at college.

I must have missed where he called someone the N word. Story sounded like he used the word retard and took a political stance on building the wall, the protests, etc.

If he called someone the n word, sure, but it sounds more like a bunch of oversensitive sissies because the coach supported a different political view and used the word retard. Career ending?

Meh, like I said, real people in real jobs face more than that by the minute.
Think outside the box a bit man. I've been in the locker room as a white boy. I've had a sh#t[#] of things thrown at me over the years. I usually knocked most of them down, but occasionally got my A$$ kicked by them.

What is your real job ragtimejoe? Mine is managing people. Keeping the peace. Getting the job done. And I work on profiting at the end of it. I find myself all the time thing - what if i was in their shoes? What is bothering or hurting them?

Regardless. You better suck it up a bit - because its going to get alot worse out there. The coronavirus is getting bad. Racial tensions are bad. And the sad thing is - these are all very easy things to fix when we work together.
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