Why do obama and biden...

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Deliver pallets of cash to Iran? I wonder what they are funding? The bs about how this 6 billion will be "controlled" spending is obviously false except to the blind party lapdog.

6 billion now!? I'm sure the biden and obama crime syndicates will get a big cut after Iran takes their share for laundering it.
"There's always excuses for a sports program not winning or academic program not succeeding. And it's not that the excuses aren't true; it's that they aren't sufficient," --Sternberg
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We should start a thread with all the mumbling, confusion, and falling...
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Please just let this O’Biden nightmare end! You know that feeble old degenerate inveterate liar isn’t actually doing anything other than what his puppet master obama wants him to do which is to destroy this country they hate.
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