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Look...Wyoming basketball is at a historic low point. The discussion of how bad of a fit Allen Edwards is has been had, and it seems like the consensus is that he's here to stay...not because he's any good (he's not), but more because, for whatever reason, the leadership in the athletic department feel like they can't do better than him right now. I'd like to discuss what Wyoming basketball should look like in the post-Edwards era since it seems more likely than not that he will not be here after next season.

The landscape of college basketball has been skewed by the programs that are getting the pro-ready guys. The style of basketball played at Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas is a really bad way to play basketball unless you have a significant talent advantage combined with a significant experience disadvantage. Coaches like Bill Self, Mike Krzyzewski, and John Calipari have embraced a faster, almost frenetic pace because it plays to their strengths. They aren't pushing the pace and playing with less "sets" because it's a better way to play..they are doing it because it maximizes their chances of winning to let their horses run so to speak. Look at the national title that was just played. That was some incredible high level basketball being played on both ends. That is the type of game you get when you have above average players buying in to great team concept. You don't get that when you have to replace the core of your roster every year. I'm not saying that the Dukes and Kentuckys of the world are bad at basketball..they aren't..i'm saying that they focus, correctly, on maximizing individual player advantage. Now...which one of those strategies is most likely to bear fruit at Wyoming? I think the answer is obvious...lets get back to some semblance of a ball control offense that takes high quality shots, backed up by a nasty defensive scheme that takes away the opponents best options. Wyoming went as far last year as Justin James could take them....I'm of the opinion that even with a more deliberate style the team would not have been top of the conference but they couldn't have been worse. Under Edwards, basketball fundamentals have stagnated or regressed.

Look...talent is huge in basketball. But this is not the NBA where talent is almost everything. College basketball is the perfect place for coaches to coach and if .. when the Edwards era stumbles to a close...Wyoming hires another "run-n-gun" guy it will only demonstrate that they really have no clue what is going on.
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You’re not wrong
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I stated in another thread that (basically) we are in a world of Sh#t - and I am not at all sure that Edwards can dig us out of it. Hope to be wrong.
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I'd be happy just to see a coach that cares about rebounding or running an offense that doesn't revolve around chucking 40 threes a game.
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I really thought that the only positive of bring AE back would be atleast bringing back the talented sophomore class. He couldn't even do that. He lost the key guy. (Trace young I considered the key guy only because I thought of both Hunter's as locks to return)

I think they're great recruiters. Terrible roster constructors and even worse game coaches. Basically I like this core a lot for a "terrible team". I just don't like what AR prob does with it
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