President Trump is just "Bad A$$" for killing the ISIS Leader.***

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Trump didn't kill anybody. The brave people of the US military, our allies (Kurds) are the ones who took him down. All Trump did was give the order. I'm thrilled they got him, but don't put all of the credit on Donnie. He didn't fire a shot.
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Yeah, "badass" doesn't fit for Donnie-boy. More like "pain in the A$$".
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I don't see how he'd get credit for this one considering he almost sabotaged the whole thing before it got going. Our military essentially disobeyed the President to be able to carry this out.

The fact that he betrayed our allies and set them up for being slaughtered says everything you need to know. The Kurds hate us now and it will take generations to repair the damage done. Hopefully they can separate their emotions enough that they won't start killing our troops.
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