So much for not touching Social Security and Medicare

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And yes, he did promise to not cut it. Not surprised he's going back on it, but still. ... udget-cuts ... 57862.html

What's more, f##k[#]' John Barasso is backing this sh#t[#] move.

"Hey I know! Lets steal hundreds of millions from people that desperately need it for their health care and tell them we're "balancing the budget" while we still pocket most of it! And can't forget that yuge taxcut we got!"

Am I pissed about this? Yes. Here in Laramie alone, not only do I have a lot of family that uses these for healthcare (otherwise they can't afford needed medicine and treatment), but I know a ton of people outside of them that need to use them.
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I want to pay attention to this, too. I have a life-long friend who is disabled. He's 50 now but has only had SSI and Medicaid for 3 or 4 years now. His parents didn't get him on the SSDI and Medicare at a young age as they should have. So instead of getting maybe $2,000 a month in benefits, he gets only about $650.
He applied for housing last October but is still waiting on just an efficiency apartment or 1-bedroom apartment. He's at his mother's house right now. In late 2018 he went to get a job through disability. It has been bad for him so far. If he had been able to stay on their schedule it would have taken him 1 year to go through their programs for him. While going through a program (and I don't want to go into details about it) he told them that there were things in it against his ability. Well, they hurt him. He has to recover from it. It's ridiculous. I help him out. SSI is way too low. Once his rent is paid he has $114 for the month. One can't buy needs with it. It's just too little.
He has that bad Medicaid. It will tell him what is wrong with his teeth but won't pay to fix the problems. He had a lot of old, silver fillings that filled in deep parts of his teeth that have shrunk and started allowing cavities to form and well as teeth to crack. He had to have tooth 1 removed last year and that was the first time he has had one removed. Anyway, I am helping him to pay for the dentist...
It's a really sh#t[#] time for far too many Americans...
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Between this, calling Jews treasonous if they vote against him, the Greenland thing, and "I hereby order all American companies in China to return home," this has been a weird week.

Mostly, I'm worried about how when we hit the next recession, we won't have any margin to prevent it from being a recession since our deficit's about to hit a Trillion despite what's been a great economy. Amazing how all those economists who said the tax cuts weren't going to pay for themselves were actually right?

We're already at a pretty darn low interest rate threshold as well, so can't cut those to stimulate the economy either. That said, it'll be nice and cheap for all those with plenty of money to buy all the things off the rest of us as we get desperate and sell houses and other assets, just like a decade ago.

I once considered myself a fiscal conservative. I've come to realize there's really no such thing.
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