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...who get sucked into MLMs? I've had the unfortunate experience of watching a relative-in-law get sucked in hard by a certain MLM that involves bags. We have so many freaking bags, and totes, and what-not.

Now I'm watching another friend desperate to lose weight for Beach '18 get sucked into HerbaLife (which is also a freaking terrible way to lose weight, but that's beside the point). I'm trying to hint that it's probably not a great idea, but meanwhile, her friend is all over her social media cheering her on, because she's a "level up" in the pyramid (except it's totally not a pyramid scheme!!!). I know she and her husband can't afford to get sucked into it, but what the hell does one do?

I tried linking to this, but I'm not sure it'll work. I'm not a fan of John Oliver at all, but he's pretty dead on the money here. Just disappointed he doesn't cover AmWay:

I'm sure pretty much everybody here has dealt with it, or possibly even been offered or sucked in yourselves? What do you do?
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Steer the one friend to something like Weight Watchers, a legit group helping people lose weight is a good start.

But otherwise, never really had such an experience myself.
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