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I'm not religious or the praying type...but if you are, put in a good word with your entity upstairs for those of us on the Florida coastline. We are looking down the barrel of one of the strongest storms in a decade. My family evac'd from the coastline to Orlando, but I get to ride the storm out on Kennedy Space Center. We are looking at 90+ mph sustained winds, with gusts over 100. Looking at up to 10 inches of rain and a 3-5 ft storm surge. If none of that touches you...Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel already showed up in the area! Wherever that dude shows, gets blasted.

To relate to Wyo, it's also the hometown of our QB, Josh Smith.
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Be safe.
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I hope you have a good plan. I went through a couple of typhoons in the Far East back in my younger days and lived to tell about it.
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