I visited the University of Wyoming while I was in Laramie

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vacationing in Wyoming in the June/July time frame. I can honestly say the U. of Wyoming is the 2nd prettiest campus I have ever seen. It is a very close 2nd to the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (and I hate that school) and I mean a very close 2nd. The grass that donned a very beautiful campus in Laramie was so well manicured, crisp, neat and maintained it looked almost fake.

While eating in a restaurant in Laramie I told a local that if I were 18 again, the U. of Wyo would be the school that I would want to attend. Man, it was a very beautiful and stately looking campus. I didn't see a single piece of paper or debris of any type during my visit to the campus and I walked across a large portion of the campus, certainly not the entire campus but a large section nonetheless.

I not only loved the U. of Wyo. but I loved the entire state of Wyoming. Wyoming is now my new favorite state in the entire nation and if I could talk my wife into moving there I would in a heart beat since we are both retired.

I entered the Student Union (and I'm sure that is not the exact name of the building) and a nice employee gave me several posters of the schedules of the Cowboys and Cowgirls sports teams.

I will be pulling for you guys all year long and will make a huge effort to be especially sure to catch all of the Wyo. scores I can, particularly in football.

Good luck guys.

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Brings a tear to my eye! Glad you enjoyed your stay.

I know UW's campus is a lot better than CSU's and BYU's ... like a lot better.
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Glad you liked it here!
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Thanks buddy! I work here and I am going to show this to the grounds guys. They work hard to make campus as pretty as it is!
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