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First of all this year’s team out performed expectations of all of us. Great job, it was a very enjoyable year. Not what we wanted, several games we could have won, a coupe we could have lost.. `Excited to see what will happen in the off season. We need to come up with an offense that involves 5 players not 2 player. I think towards the end of the season we should have put Reynolds in as the point guard and left Hunter as the PF, his normal position. He posted up the same players as they motioned off in almost every situation. We could have eliminated a lot of turnovers. Last night was an indication he was trying to do more. He should have let the game come to him not the opposite. He would have been matched up with the same player in the PF position. If we eliminate a couple turn overs we win this game hands down. I hope we have a couple of them return if not let’s get behind those guys. I can only say watching every game this year was exciting. Staying in the top 1-4 in the mountain west each year will help. Until we say in the top 4 each year we will get the same treatment.

On to next year. Go Jeff
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