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We all know how tough it is to be a Pokes FB fan. As I sit here this AM I am thinking back to just a few weeks ago and all the optimism and excitement I felt for the upcoming season. Now I am back to reality and see this year will be no different than most others since late 1960s. Every fall is the same, optimism, then disappointment, then apathy. Before I die I would like to see us consistently field a quality product. Not just once every 10 years or so. I will never give up on my Pokes but the "disappointment" part of my fall is setting in. How long until the BB and wrestling seasons start?
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Let's be honest, with a program that had its' cupboards emptied just a few years back, it takes time to rebuild a program. In addition, when you take four of those major building blocks and send them to the NFL, there is no way it's not going to sting. The program hasn't had time to reload enough players to replace that kind of talent. You put those four players back on the field last night, I think the game looks significantly different. It is what it is, but it does play into how we have performed on offense this year. That being said, I don't understand the conservatism with Josh. One of his strong suits is the ability to run and keep the defense honest, especially when you have a very young running backs and receiving corp. There have been multiple occasions, including last night, where Josh broke containment and had all sorts of yards in front of him. Rather than take those yards, he elected to throw cross body or tried to throw the ball in a crowd with receivers that have yet to prove they can go get the ball. It's like he has been told not to run, regardless of the positive yards he could make. If Josh would run on some of those plays, the defense has to account for it. I don't care if he makes 5 yards and just slides. That's better than just the yard on first down that we are getting and it at least keeps the defense honest.
If they know he's not going run anymore, defenses will continue to blanket our young receivers. He is a very good qb, but with the young talent surrounding him this year, there just needs to be more creativity. Although the stats may not show it, the defense is a definite step up from last year. That being said, you can't expect them to be on the field for 90 plays a game and not give up yards and points. The offense has to find a way to sustain some drives. I think the longest drive they had last night was 2 minutes. That doesn't bode well for any defense. I believe in these kids, coaches and the program. It's not time for knee jerk reactions, but it is time to continue to support and be positive about the direction the program is going. What is most important is what's in front of us. Conference starts next week and at the end of the day, that's what matters. This team is going to figure it out and I believe it can still be a really good year.
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