What a difference a day makes. Twenty-four little hours. Dinah Washington first sang these lines in 1959 and they are ringing true across Wyoming in 2021 as we enter 2022.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Wyoming Cowboys defeated the Kent State Golden Flashes 52 to 38 in the Idaho Potato Bowl. Levi Williams was named the bowl MVP and became the first QB in bowl game history to run for over 200 yards and 4 touchdowns. Williams also threw a 42-yard TD pass to Wyoming’s leading receiver Isaiah Neyor. When the final whistle sounded, Coach Bohl had a bucket of french fries dumped on him and the celebration began as Wyoming won their third consecutive bowl game. Those celebrations were short-lived though.

Less than twenty-four hours later, Williams and Neyor both entered the transfer portal saying their goodbyes to Wyoming. In a flash, Wyoming lost two play-makers that put up 2,350 yards of offense and had 27 total touchdowns. Leaving many Wyoming fans to ask, what is going on here?

Unless Williams and Neyor address why they left the program we may never know what caused them to leave Laramie. Coach Bohl certainly won’t have a comment other than wishing them well or a no comment. That leaves some serious questions to ask. Is there trouble in Laradise? I would say undoubtedly yes. Just last week Bohl was talking about the stability of the program and that stability is now on the rocks. Stable programs don’t lose their starting QB and best WR both of which have years of eligibility left.

Williams and Neyor leaving probably have to do with a combination of these three factors:

  • Lost of trust in the head coach
  • Lost of trust in their position coach/coordinator
  • Lack of interest in an offense that can’t consistently utilize the passing game.

It should come as no surprise that QB’s want to throw the ball and WR’s want to catch the ball. In the case of Neyor, he is the most physically gifted WR to ever step foot on campus. He only had 5 or more catches in two games this season and that kind of lack of use with a WR with his size, speed and talent is criminal. Wyoming must look in the mirror and really evaluate the offense because what they are doing now isn’t attracting, retaining and developing players at the QB, WR and TE positions. The Cowboys have no problems developing OL and RB talent but in modern college football unless you are running the triple option you have to have a passing game to score enough points to win division and conference titles.

There’s trouble in Laradise and questions must be asked of Bohl and the offensive coaching staff and it’s not the first time we have reached this point.