Hello boys and girls! Many of us WyoNationers are inside our domiciles (as we should be) in order to win the battle vs what is the insanity of the Coronavirus. Staying home all day sounds great until you are forced to do so and then some people (myself included) get a little stir crazy. With that in mind, I have scoured the interwebs to get your Wyoming football fix while we socially distance ourselves with no live sports. The following list is 5 complete or condensed Wyoming football games that are sure to bring a smile to your face and take up some of your time with positive vibes.

2004 Las Vegas Bowl

Head Coach Joe Glenn with Wyoming native Corey Bramlet at QB takes on the UCLA Bruins.

2016 OT Thriller vs Northern Illinois

AKA the looooooooooong lighting delay game that did not end until well after midnight.

2017 Border War

A classic Border War that was played in the snow.

2017 Idaho Potato Bowl

Josh Allen’s last game in Brown & Gold.

2019 Arizona Bowl

Wyoming takes care of business on Dec 31, 2019.


You can find a few others on YouTube as well but these are the ones that jumped out to me. If you have a game or two you would like to add to the list hit me up on @WyoNationBlog on Twitter to get the word out.

Be safe and enjoy these games!