The Matchup: Wyoming (6-4, 3-3 )  vs Colorado State (4-6, 3-3)

When: Friday, November 22 @ 7:30 PM 

Where: Laramie, WY- War Memorial Stadium


Radio: Cowboy Sports Network

Spread: Wyoming -7 O/U: 50.5 via

The Standings:


Straight Up Against the Spread O/U

Robert Gagliardi/Jesse Tachiquin

6-4 7-3 6-3

Cody Tucker

6-4 8-2 5-4

Brad Reed

7-3 5-5


Chad Smith 8-2 4-6


Connor Cunningham 6-4 8-2


Wyoming Cowboys 6-4 8-2

Over: 2 Under: 7


Jesse Tachiquin,

Quick thoughts on last week’s loss @ Utah State?

What a performance from Wyoming’s defense. It certainly wasn’t their best game of the season but they scrapped and fought their tails off to keep the team in the game. It was impressive to see how resilient they were when a lot of things weren’t going their way.

Who was your MVP last week?

Offense: Josh Harshman

Defense: Logan Wilson

Who is your Poke pick this week? QB Levi Williams

I have a feeling he’s going to get his chance and he won’t look back

Wyoming Wins if…

Wyoming wins if they control the line of scrimmage. CSU has a lot of talent but talent can be negated by dominant line play. The Pokes should have a huge advantage in those positions.

Game prediction and one bold prediction:

The Rams give up a lot of points, the Cowboys give up a lot in the passing game. Williams enters the game somewhere in the second quarter and rallies the team from an early deficit.  Wyoming 30, Colorado State 28 (Total Points: 58, Over)


Cody Tucker,

Quick thoughts on last week’s loss @ Utah State?

It was an uncharacteristic performance from the Cowboys just like Craig Bohl said in his very brief postgame remarks. Wyoming committed nine penalties — most at the most inopportune times — and gave the ball away four times. That is a recipe for a loss. Tyler Vander Waal was too careless with the football. Wyoming never really dominated on the ground the way it wanted to and the defense gave up a couple of explosive plays that really hurt. That’s the bad news. The good? The defense was unbelievably good aside from a couple of trip ups in the secondary. They gave the team a chance to win at the end despite all that above. And despite Vander Waal’s inability to live to see another day, I thought he made some nice, athletic plays, too. The passing game is getting in sync. Better late than never, right?

Who was your MVP last week?

Offense: The offensive MVP this week has to be Xazavian Valladay and the big guys up front. 

Defense: Logan Wilson

Who is your Poke pick this week? Logan Wilson

Wilson will have a grand finale Friday night at War Memorial Stadium under the lights one last time. He has a tough task in covering CSU tight end Trey McBride, but I think he shuts him down, gets to the QB and is his normal destructive self. Hell, he might even find the end zone again for his nation-leading fifth defensive touchdown. If he does, Cowboys win this one going away.

Wyoming Wins if…

They sack, hit, pressure O’Brien. CSU’s defense won’t be able to stop the Cowboys power running game. The Rams tackling isn’t good enough and they have been known to fade late in games. If O’Brien can sit back in a clean pocket all night Wyoming is in deep trouble. However, the Rams offensive line was awful against a smaller, quicker Air Force front. Wyoming is built the same way. Obviously, the Cowboys have to hold on to the football. Tyler Vander Waal doesn’t need to do anything special. Just make the plays that are there. And there should be plenty of opportunities. 

Game prediction and one bold prediction:

There’s no way the Cowboys lose this, right? It’s senior night. It’s the Border War. The Bronze Boot is on the line. Another thing that is on the line is a bowl berth Wyoming. They need to win this game for a number of reasons — that might be the biggest. If the Cowboys back into the postseason, chances are they will be home for Christmas. This comes with an added bonus, too. If Wyoming wins, CSU is eliminated from the postseason. Lots to play for. I think Wyoming hammers O’Brien all night long, forces at least three turnovers and rushes for 250 yards. Wyoming 34, Colorado State 17 (Total Points: 51, Over)

Brad Reed,

Quick thoughts on last week’s loss @ Utah State?

Another gut punch for the Cowboys. At the end of the season the Cowboys coaching staff is going to look back and this game and regret not winning it. Not a great game from the turnover perspective, way too many of those. Logan Wilson is still the man, creating his own turnovers and scoring points. Utah State isn’t a better team than Wyoming, but they were the better team on Saturday. 

Who was your MVP last week? 

Offensive: Xazavian Valladay. The guy is just a train that keeps on chugging. Another 100+ yard effort for the young tailback. The offensive line has been terrific at getting him space to run. He’s saving the season at this point. 
Defensive: Logan Wilson. Another interception and got this one to the house! He has to be in consideration for best linebacker in the country. 

Who is your Poke pick this week? QB Levi Williams

I could be way off on this, but if you watched Bohl’s press conference on Monday, then can read the tea leaves, I think he’s going to play. The Cowboys need at least one more win to guarantee a bowl game. Last year the Pokes were slumping, missing their starting QB, and ultimately were left out of a bowl game. The Pokes need a spark on offense and need to get ball moving. Insert redshirt quarterback Levi Williams. He might be the spark the Cowboys need to get back on the right track. 

Wyoming Wins if…

Wyoming will beat Colorado State if the defense is stout enough to withstand the Sheep passing offense. The Sheep have shown some ability to fire the football around the field. The Cowboys need to keep the big plays to a minimum and need to help the offense out as much as possible. Not sure what we’re going to get out of the offense honestly. The Cowboys have to be better than the turnovers they had last week as well. Can’t have another week like that if they want to keep the Boot in Laramie. 

Game prediction and one bold prediction:

The Bronze Boot stays in Laradise for another year!  Wyoming 27, Colorado State 24 (Total Points: 51, Over)

Chad Smith,

Quick thoughts on last week’s loss @ Utah State?

You have no chance to win a conference game on the road when you turn the ball over 4 times. Wyoming was in the game in the first half but the offense became more and more predictable as the game went on after a promising start in terms of creativity and variety. 

Who was your MVP last week?

Offense: Valladay is the MVP on the offense as the only reliable player on that side of the ball the Pokes have.

Defense: No defensive honors for me last week as the defense was uncharacteristicly sloppy and missing tackles vs Utah State. 

Who is your Poke pick this week? Xazavian Valladay

Valladay (on one knee) is going to have to have a very productive day for the Pokes. 

Wyoming Wins if…

They are emotionally recovered from the Boise State and Utah State losses. In a high profile rivalry game it will be important for the coaching staff to have the players in the right mental state. 

Game prediction and one bold prediction:

This is my hunch. Colorado State has won 3 of the last 4 and Wyoming has lost 2 of 3. Momentum matters and Wyoming is going in the wrong direction. My bold prediction isn’t so bold but I see CSU using passing game concepts Utah State used for big plays in the passing game. Wyoming 20, Colorado State 26 (Total Points: 46, Under)


Connor Cunningham,

Quick thoughts on last week’s loss @ Utah State?

I thought the defense performed admirably, especially in the second half to keep the Cowboys in the game but in the end it wasn’t enough. The big plays the defense allowed and 4 turnovers were too much to overcome. TVW had some moments where he looked solid, but overall he was not good for a majority of the day and did not do the right things to put his team in a position to win the game. This team is in desperate need of a spark and right now I don’t know where it is going to come from. 

Who was your MVP last week?

Offense: Valladay is the only choice. This dude is doing everything he can to keep the offense going. He 

Defense: Cassh Maluia is the guy. He was one of the few players to be solid all day and his pass break up is what led to Logan Wilson’s pick 6

Who is your Poke pick this week? Wyoming Senior Class

I am kind of cheating here, but I am going with the seniors. It is there last time playing in this stadium, against their rivals (whom most of them have never lost to) I think a handful of them have standout performances. Specifically, I expect Wilson, Maluia, and Halliburton to lead the defense and Austin Conway to make a play or two on offense or special teams. We are losing some big time players, but more importantly strong ambassadors for the program. Conway and Wilson have been first class their entire career and they deserve a solid send off. 

Wyoming Wins if…

They don’t beat themselves. Turnovers hurt all teams, but they really kill an offense that is run the way Wyoming’s is. They have to win the turnover battle and get some production in the backfield outside of Valladay. Do those two things and I think they beat the sheep. 

Game prediction and one bold prediction:

I think a true freshman that we haven’t seen this year scores a touchdown. Wyoming 34, Colorado State 20 (Total Points: 54, Over)