When: Saturday, August 31st @ 5:30 PM MST

Where: Laramie, WY – War Memorial Stadium (CAP. 29,181)

TV: CBS Sports Network

Radio: Cowboy Sports Network

Spread: Wyoming +17.5

O/U: 53.5

Wyoming enters 2019 on a 4-game winning streak, which is actually tied for the 5th longest active winning streak in the country. The Cowboys finished 6-6 and were left on the outside looking in when the bowl games were announced. Despite no postseason, Wyoming fans should have felt good about how the season ended. They will put their winning streak on the line this weekend when Missouri visits War Memorial Stadium. Missouri finished their season at 8-5 after a loss to OK State in the Liberty Bowl.

This year for 5 on 5 we have added Cody Tucker from 7220sports.com and we will be adding an over/under column into our predictions.

The Standings:


Straight Up Against the Spread O/U

Robert Gagliardi

0-0 0-0 0-0

Cody Tucker

0-0 0-0 0-0
Brad Reed 0-0 0-0


Chad Smith 0-0 0-0


Connor Cunningham 0-0 0-0


Wyoming Cowboys 0-0





Robert Gagliardi, Wyosports.net

What do you expect from the Cowboys this season and what do you predict for their record?

This could be a seven- or eight-win team, or a four-win team. A lot must fall into place and work out. I think this squad will finish in the middle of that with six wins. Record prediction: 6-6

Who are your breakout candidates for each side of the ball in 2019? Offense: QB Sean Chambers/Defense: DE Garrett Crall

The flashes Chambers showed last season were impressive, but now with a full offseason, I think he will show his abilities to be a well-rounded quarterback.

On defense, Crall was solid last year, but UW needs a reliable and consistent pass rusher and I think Crall gives them that.

This week’s Poke Pick: Line of Scrimmage, on both sides of the ball

UW must win those battles, or at very least, hold its own. If it gets dominated, and there is a possibility of that, it will be a long game.

Wyoming wins if…

It wins the line of scrimmage, does a good job of keeping Mizzou QB Kelly Bryant in the pocket, doesn’t allow the big play and the offense can possess the ball and wear down Mizzou’s defense.

Game Prediction

Missouri is the best team UW will face this season. The Cowboys will do some good things, but will struggle against the size and skill of the Tigers. Wyoming 17, Mizzou 34 (Total points: 51, under)


Cody Tucker, 7220Sports.com

What do you expect from the Cowboys this season and what do you predict for their record?

This is the million-dollar question. What will they look like? It’s tough to say. There is so much youth at nearly every position heading into the season. Of course, you have to start at the quarterback position. Sean Chambers showed flashes of what he could do last season and is certainly bringing plenty of excitement into 2019. But when a guy has thrown just 25 collegiate passes it’s tough to say what he can really do from a pure QB perspective. We know he can run. We also know running too much got him hurt last season.

The offensive line has experience, but not one senior. That can be good and bad. The defensive line took a huge hit with the loss Ravontae Holt to an ACL injury in camp. The tackle position is unproven, though I think the defensive ends, Garrett Crall and Josiah Hall, could be solid. Once again, there are way more questions than answers with this group. My gut is telling me the Pokes could win four games or surprise with seven. So, I’m going 6-6. Record prediction: 6-6

Who are your breakout candidates for each side of the ball in 2019? Offense: RB Titus Swen/Defense: Safety Rome Weber

Swen, a true freshman, has impressed the coaches enough to be on the opening day roster and Craig Bohl has said he will see plenty of playing time. The guy is a man-child. He looks like a junior and said he compares his running style to Adrian Peterson. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a starter mid-way through the season, though I do have plenty of belief in Xazavian Valladay.

Defensively, I am going with youth again. I believe redshirt freshman Rome Weber will fill in nicely at free safety for Marcus Epps. He is a thumper and has a knack for being around the ball. Safety is a tough position to learn so expect some growing pains, but this kid could be the real deal and continue a tradition of great safety play in Laramie.

This week’s Poke Pick: Wyoming’s front seven

I am watching Wyoming’s defensive line and linebacking corps and how they plan to bottle up not only Mizzou QB Bryant Kelly but All-American tight end Albert Okwuegbunam. Both are very dangerous, obviously, and the Wyoming pass rush will need to do whatever they can to keep Bryant in the pocket. When he escapes, which he is sure to do a time or 10, can the line shuck blockers and make a play? Can Logan Wilson and Cassh Maluia limit big plays? We will see. Wyoming can’t let Bryant’s legs extend drives. The kid can throw, too. Mizzou converted 14-of-20 third downs last season in Columbia… If that happens again, expect the same results.

Wyoming wins if…

If this is still a game when the fourth quarter rolls around, weirder things have happened. Obviously, they need to contain Bryant, but the Cowboys also have to worry about running back Larry Rountree who amassed more than 1,200 yards last season and scored 11 touchdowns. Mizzou is loaded on offense. Bohl and Co. need to manage the clock and establish the run game early. That will open lanes – passing and running – for Chambers. The only way the Pokes win this one is if they don’t turn the ball over, work the clock (convert third downs) and limit big plays. Easier said than done. Would I fall out of my chair if Wyoming pulled off the upset? No. But, it’s a tall task.

Game Prediction

The crowd will be hyped, the youngsters on the home sideline will be juiced and The War will be a sight to see on Saturday evening. But … Bohl’s Wyoming teams are 0-8 against Power-5 teams and none have been particularly close games. That, of course, doesn’t mean much, but I think this Wyoming team is still just too inexperienced to pop off a big upset like this. Wyoming 20, Mizzou 34 (Total points: 54, over)


Brad Reed, Wyonation.com

What do you expect from the Cowboys this season and what do you predict for their record?

The Cowboys this season feel like a bit of a mystery to me. Heading into the season with a new starting quarterback from last season, a new defensive coordinator and a few question marks at running back. The Cowboys are currently sporting a four-game win streak. I guess what I’d like to see is some improvement in the passing game from Sean Chambers. He had a knack for keeping the ball moving in his starts last year, but I hope an offseason of work improved his confidence throwing the football. He has a crop of seasoned receivers ready to help. Nico Evans loss will be a big one, given he was responsible for so much of the Cowboys’ offense last season. However, Xazavian Valladay looks ready to step into the role and continue that momentum.

The defense certainly has enough talent to be successful, led by Logan Wilson. However, will new DC Jake Dickert be ready for the new challenge? He has big shoes to fill with the loss of Scottie Hazelton. I can see six wins; I can also see eight wins. I’ll call it a 7-5 season to be on the safe side. Record Prediciton 7-5

Who are your breakout candidates for each side of the ball in 2019? Offense: WR Austin Conway/Defense: DE Garrett Crall

I think this is finally the year that we see Conway become a true playmaker. For years it’s been frustrating to watch him on shorter routes and jet sweeps. This year I think we finally see him break out in the passing game and create some mismatches in the secondary with his speed. I’m hoping for a big year from him.

On defense, I think Garrett Crall is in prime position to have a big season. There’s some big shoes to fill on the defensive line, but I think Crall steps up and leads the team in sacks and TFLs. 

This week’s Poke Pick: LB Logan Wilson

I think Wilson gets to Kelly Bryant more than once and disrupts his day. Whether it’ll be enough to stop the potent Missouri offense remains to be seen, but I think Wilson has a good day in front of the home crowd and plenty of scouts watching. 

Wyoming wins if…

The Cowboys need to shake the monkey off their back when it comes to Power 5 opponents. The last few attempts at beating a P5 opponent have not gone well. The Cowboys are due for a big game against a good opponent. The last time an SEC opponent came to the War was Ole Miss in 2004 and that resulted in a Cowboy win. This game is not too big for the Cowboys and it’s in front of a friendly crowd. There’s a lot of positives going for the Pokes in this one. As always, limiting mistakes, and even committing no major mistakes will make this game easier, as will keeping the pressure on Kelly Bryant and chopping him off at the legs to keep him from covering too much ground on foot. 

Game Prediction

Kelly Bryant is a far above average quarterback. He’s going to be tough to handle. So many unknowns with Wyoming, I think they have their hands full. Wyoming 30, Mizzou 38 (Total points: 68, over) 


Chad Smith, Wyonation.com

What do you expect from the Cowboys this season and what do you predict for their record?


If the defense doesn’t miss a beat and the offense improves Wyoming could in theory challenge for a division title in the Mountain West. The truth will be in the middle though and I expect Wyoming to get to 6 or 7 wins and hopefully be rewarded with a bowl bid after missing out last season. Record prediction: 6 or 7 wins? Chad doesn’t like to give clear answers sometimes

Who are your breakout candidates for each side of the ball in 2019? Offense: RB Trey Smith/Defense: Safety Alijah Haliburton

Looking at the depth chart, those two names jump out to me. Smith, who is a graduate transfer from Louisville. He should be a versatile weapon for Wyoming having college experience as an RB and WR for the Cardinals. On the other side of the ball, my eyes dart to Haliburton who will get his chance to start after sitting behind Wingard and Epps the last few seasons. 

This week’s Poke Pick: Wyoming’s Offensive and Defensive line

There’s a lot of things we don’t know about this football team but I really like the potential of both the offensive and defensive lines. It will be interesting to see how these two units do against SEC speed and talent at home. if they can hang in there against the Tigers it would be a good sign for the rest of the season against lesser opposition. 

Wyoming wins if…

Mizzou is very sloppy with turnovers and not finishing drives that allow the Pokes to stay in the game and squeak a close one out. 

Game Prediction

The Tigers run riot on offense with Clemson transfer Kelly Bryant at QB. Wyoming 17, Mizzou 43 (Total points: 57, over)


Connor Cunningham, Wyonation.com

What do you expect from the Cowboys this season and what do you predict for their record?

I, like most everyone else, don’t know what to fully expect. There is one thing I do expect, I expect the Pokes to be better than they were last season. I think they return just enough experience at key positions and have some talent that is waiting to breakout. I fully expect the Cowboys to start their season 4-1 and if that happens, they would then get a bye before going to San Diego State. They could end up going on a nice run at that point. I think they are overmatched in only 2-3 games on their schedule and favorites in 6, with 3 being toss ups. Let’s say they win the ones their supposed to and get 2 of the toss ups. Record Prediction: 8-4

Who are your breakout candidates for each side of the ball in 2019? Offense: QB Sean Chambers/Defense: Safety Alijah Halliburton

We know what Chambers is capable of on offense and he is a true dual threat. I think they kept the play calling pretty vanilla for a couple reasons, he wasn’t ready to throw the ball a lot and quite frankly, he didn’t need to. He and Nico Evans were a deadly 1-2 punch. Chambers will be given more freedom to open it up and has the weapons around him to do so.

Defensively, I think Halliburton is the obvious choice. The senior isn’t as well known to Cowboy fans as he should be because he has spent his first 3 years playing behind 2 NFL safeties who both started for the last 4 years. Halliburton doesn’t come in without experience, though. He has played in 39 games and has 93 career tackles. 61 of those tackles came last season, that was good enough for 4th on the team and he wasn’t even a starter. Halliburton is going to burst onto the scene, quickly.

This week’s Poke Pick: QB Sean Chambers

This game starts and ends with Chambers. It doesn’t matter how well the defense can play if they are the field too much, they will give up a lot of points. Chambers has to be able to extend drives, move the chains, and put up points. If he gets it going with his legs and then his arms, we could be in for a signature win… if Chambers struggles early and the defense is on the field a lot, this game could get away from the Cowboys early on.

Wyoming wins if…

They win 3rd down on both sides of the ball. In last years matchup in Columbia, Missouri ran 91 plays to Wyoming’s 58, had 33 first downs to Wyoming’s 15 and converted 14 of 20 3rd downs to Wyoming’s 3 of 13 3/13… yikes! The key to the game is simple, offense stay on the field and defense, get off the field.

Game Prediction

I don’t think the Cowboys have it in them to pull this off, not at this point, I do however think they put up a fight. I hope they prove me wrong. Wyoming 23, Mizzou 31 (Total points: 54, over)