In the battle of basketball schools, Duke showed they are the better football team this year with a victory over North Carolina. This keeps our challenge bet going and takes us to a highwater mark for profit this season. Boise State did in-fact beat Fresno State at home and we are kicking ourselves for not making the Broncos and the points an official Lost Wages Thursday selection. Hopefully, you got on it anyway.

Last Week’s Profit: $12.58

Season Profit: $28.89

Current Pot: $78.89

Season Picks: 15 of 19

$25 to $100 Challenge Leg 5

Not a great deal to pick from this week but one game does fit the profile that we have used to get to this point. A team at home who is about a ten point favorite and that team this week is: Washington State. They are in the national eye with their 9-1 record and their very solid QB we saw in Laramie earlier this season. While Arizona is 1-3 on the road and their QB Khalil Tate has some pretty eye-catching home vs away split stats not in his favor. So everyone board the pirate ship and cheer for the Cougars to swashbuckle the Wildcats.

The Bet: $62.87 on Washington State to WIN against Arizona (-370)

$62.87 returns $79.86

Remember to always gamble responsibly. Good luck to us and enjoy Wyoming’s last home game on Saturday.