When: Friday, October 26th @  8:00 PM MST

Where: Fort Collins, CO – Canvas Stadium

TV: CBS Sports Network

Radio: Cowboy Sports Network

Spread: CSU -2.5


The Standings:

  Straight Up Against the Spread

Robert Gagliardi

7-1 3-4

Brandon Foster/Davis Potter

7-1 2-5

Brad Reed

7-1 5-2
Chad Smith 8-0


Connor Cunningham 7-1


Wyoming Cowboys 2-6



Robert Gagliardi, Wyosports.net

What are your thoughts on last week’s game against Utah State?

Another disappointing loss, but it was good to see some spark on offense when Sean Chambers entered the game at quarterback. It also was impressive to see the defense play as well as it did against a high-powered Utah State offense. There may be a lot of debate and second-guessing among the fans with the decision at the end to put Tyler Vander Waal back in at QB for the final series. I see both sides of it.

Who was last week’s MVP? QB Sean Chambers

Tough not to go with Chambers and the spark he gave the offense at the time.

This week’s Poke Pick: Wyoming QB Play

Got to go with the quarterback for Wyoming. Whoever that is, how he plays on a big stage in a big game in terms of a rivalry will go a long way in determining the outcome — assuming the defense plays well.

Wyoming wins if…

Win the turnover battle, move the ball on offense and score (obviously) and win on special teams.

Game Prediction

Even before the season started I didn’t have Wyoming winning this game. I think it will be close, but I see the Rams winning this one – Colorado State 16 Wyoming 13


Davis Potter, Casper Star-Tribune

What are your thoughts on last week’s game against Utah State?

Wyoming’s defense deserved better. Holding the nation’s second-highest scoring offense to (basically) one touchdown should be good enough to win every Saturday, but the it’s hard to win games when you can’t score. And the end zone continues to be a deserted island for the Cowboys. But there was some life there once Craig Bohl made the switch to Sean Chambers at quarterback, which is something to watch going forward.

Who was last week’s MVP? QB Sean Chambers

Chambers brought Wyoming’s offense back from the dead with a different dynamic than what Tyler Vander Waal brings to the offense. It’s not so much that he ran for 100 yards but the way he did it, an instinctive style where he set up blocks and patiently waited for holes to open the way you’d expect a more experienced player to do it. Wyoming had 258 yards in the second half against Utah State. Chambers accounted for 162 of those.

This week’s Poke Pick: Sean Chambers

I don’t think Bohl has any choice at the moment but to go with Chambers at quarterback. Not only did Wyoming have its most productive half of the season in the last two quarters, but the offense as a whole seemed more energized and more confident. And I think his first start will come at good time given the issues Colorado State’s had on defense, particularly against the run. They’ll be able to expand the playbook for Chambers a bit with another full week of practice.

Wyoming wins if…

they get production from whoever plays quarterback and limit explosive plays. I do think it’ll be Chambers under center, and he’ll have to manage the emotions that come with making his first start on the road in a rivalry game. But the moment wasn’t too big for him last week, and I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue once he gets into the flow of the game. If he doesn’t turn the ball over and Wyoming’s secondary keeps everything in front of them going up against the Mountain West’s second-best passing offense, the Cowboys will have a shot.

Game Prediction

I like what I’ve seen from Wyoming’s defense the last few weeks while Colorado State’s defense has struggled against the run all season. I don’t necessarily think this will be a breakout game for the offense, but I do think the Cowboys score more than one touchdown and hold up just enough against the Rams’ passing game to squeak out their first win in more than a month. Wyoming 17, Colorado State 14.


Brad Reed, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last week’s game against Utah State?

Probably a game that Wyoming would like to have back. I think I’ve said that a few times. The opportunities were there for the Cowboys to win this game, however. This time it was against a good team that they should have beaten. The offense still wasn’t great, but the addition of Sean Chambers into the offense seems to have ignited them a little bit. The defense played outstanding, holding Jordan Love to paltry passing yards throughout the day. That’s encouraging that the Pokes haven’t given up on the season. Defense held them to WAY less points than anyone on this panel predicted, and held one of the top offenses in FBS in check.

Who was last week’s MVP? QB Sean Chambers

Guy got the Pokes through some sticky spots last week and took some of the load off of Nico Evans, who was also terrific. Guess we’ll see what other wrinkles Chambers provides this week. 

This week’s Poke Pick: QB Sean Chambers

Gotta go Sean Chambers here. Strange to see this, but it’s the Border War and you have to pull out all the stops. I think the true freshman leads this team to good things this week. 

Wyoming wins if…

Hold the sheep at bay long enough to get some points on the board. If the Pokes can score early I think the defense will take care of the rest. The sheep are not good this year, and this is a prime opportunity to take advantage of that with a Wyoming team that’s been struggling. This game may not be pretty, but it’ll be football. 

Game Prediction

I think the Pokes pull it out and keep the Boot in Laramie for another year. Wyoming 17, Colorado State 13


Chad Smith, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last week’s game against Utah State?

The Wyoming defense played a great game against the #1 scoring offense in the Mountain West. The Wyoming offense for much of the game looked and played like the worst offense in the Mountain West (which they are) with Tyler Vander Waal at QB. Sean Chambers who made a first-half cameo at QB and then came into the game for a long stretch after Vander Waal threw that back-breaking interception on the first offensive play for Wyoming in the third quarter. It was good to see Chambers give a spark to the offense mostly using his feet and now the coaching staff has some big decisions to make at the QB position. 

Who was last week’s MVP? RB Nico Evans

Evans had another great rushing effort at 133 yards on 25 carries with absolutely no help from the Wyoming passing game. 

This week’s Poke Pick: K Cooper Rothe

This could be a very close game and Wyoming has a weapon in kicker Cooper Rothe who is 12 for 12 on field goals so far this season. Look for him to have a big kick or two to keep Wyoming in the game or to win the game. 

Wyoming wins if…

Sean Chambers starts and plays a majority of the game at QB. The Wyoming defense must also bring their lunch pails as they did against Utah State while scoring with an interception or fumble return or setting up the offense with a very short field for a score.  

Game Prediction

The Wyoming defense plays well but the Pokes can’t score enough points to keep the Boot in  Laramie. Colorado State 23  Wyoming 17


Connor Cunningham, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last week’s game against Utah State?

It was a fun game to watch the Cowboys battled. The defense played a fantastic game and really held an offense that was averaging 52 points a game to 10. The other 14 were from a kick return and a drive that only required them to gain 3 yards off an interception. It was a disappointing ending capped by a questionable coaching decision to bring TVW back into the game.

Who was last week’s MVP? LB Logan Wilson

Wilson was everywhere and seemed like he was making big play after big play and had a big time interception. The defense was fantastic last week and deserved better.

This week’s Poke Pick: Wyoming secondary

The defense has been playing very good football, but they still haven’t been hauling in interceptions like they should and there have been a number of dropped balls. If they can haul a couple in against CSU that would go a long way in keeping the boot.

Wyoming wins if…

They cause 3 turnovers and Sean Chambers plays the majority of the football game at QB.

Game Prediction

Go Pokes! Wyoming 27 Colorado State 17