When: Saturday, September 15th @ 2:00 PM MST

Where: Laramie, WY – War Memorial Stadium (CAP. 29,181)

TV: Mountain West Network

Radio: Cowboy Sports Network

Spread: N/A

Wyoming (1-2) is coming off their second consecutive loss of the season after losing at Missouri 40-13. This week the Cowboys will return home to host the FCS’ Wofford College. The Terriers are currently 2-0 with wins over The Citadel and Virginia Military Institute and are the 7th ranked team in the FCS division.

The Standings:


Straight Up Against the Spread

Robert Gagliardi

2-1 2-1

Brandon Foster

2-1 0-3

Brad Reed



Chad Smith 3-0


Connor Cunningham 2-1


Wyoming Cowboys 1-2




Robert Gagliardi, Wyosports.net

What are your thoughts on last weeks game @ Missouri?

Disappointing loss, but a loss to a team that was simply better than the Cowboys and overpowered them physically.

Who was last week’s MVP? K Cooper Rothe

Rothe made both of his field-goal attempts, including a career-long of 51 yards in not-so-great conditions. Rothe has made all five of his field goals this season, and has made 16 in a row from inside of 40 yards going back to last season.

This week’s Poke Pick: Wyoming Defense

Wyoming’s defense transitions from facing three pass-oriented offenses to the option. Many of the key players on this defense have played against option football, and many also want to get the bad taste of the last two weeks out of their mouths and enter their upcoming bye week with a win.

Wyoming wins if…

Gets some balance and consistency from the offense, is better on third down (6 of 26 the last two games) and the defense is assignment-sound and can get off the field on third down. Missouri converted 14 of 20 third downs last week. 

Game Prediction

Don’t think this will be an easy game for Wyoming. Wofford is a top 10 FCS program. I see the Cowboys grinding out this win. Wyoming 24, Wofford 13


Brandon Foster, Casper Star-Tribune

What are your thoughts on last weeks game @ Missouri?

 In hindsight, the Cowboys probably didn’t have too much of a chance of winning at Missouri, but it was still discouraging to see the defense struggle the way it did — even if that might be the best offense the team plays all year. I don’t know how much you can really take away from that game as it relates to Wyoming’s chances in the Mountain West, but at the very least it would’ve been nice to see how the Pokes would’ve fared with Nico Evans.

Who was last week’s MVP? K Cooper Rothe

No obvious candidate comes to mind, and Rothe hit a career-long 51-yard field goal while the Missouri kicker’s struggles kept Wyoming afloat in the first half.

This week’s Poke Pick: WR James Price

I’ll probably grade the run game with a grain of salt until Evans returns, but on the passing side of things I really think this receivers group could stand to have a solid game. Tyler Vander Waal has certainly looked like a freshman at times, but there have also been too many dropped passes early in this season.

Wyoming wins if…

we don’t see a repeat of the 2016 New Mexico game, when Wyoming apparently had zero interest in defending the triple option. Wofford is a good FCS team, but if the Cowboys are going to struggle with an FCS team at home then we might have to do a full reevaluation of this team.

Game Prediction

Wofford is good enough to make UW fans a little worried early on, but the Cowboys shouldn’t have any trouble pulling away — especially with how they’ve defended the triple option under Scottie Hazelton. Wyoming 31, Wofford 7


Brad Reed, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last weeks game @ Missouri?

Not a particularly great weekend for the Cowboys. Tough to find many positives from it. No one played particularly well, or least good enough to give the Cowboys a needed spark. This was another power five blow out. Bohl needs to win one of these someday. 

Who was last week’s MVP? RB Jevon Bigelow

Bigelow is my MVP from last week. Had a nice game making his first start. Had a touchdown. He has a bright future. 

This week’s Poke Pick: S Andrew Wingard

Against a triple option team like Wofford I’d say the defense is going to have to step up. The Terriers aren’t slouches, they are a top 10 FCS team. That being said, my pick is Andrew Wingard. I think he’s got a big game in him. 

Wyoming wins if…

Keep the ball in front of you, play your gaps, don’t let Wofford to the corners. Easy enough, right? Tyler Vander Waal also needs a big game with some touchdown passes, time to get him in a solid groove. 

Game Prediction

Wyoming should win this game. Wofford is making a long trip, 20 less scholarships, and luckily for them, probably escaping a hurricane. Wyoming 27, Wofford 10


Chad Smith, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last weeks game @ Missouri?

Went about as expected and I was only off by a total of two or three points in terms of the score. The talent gap between the group of five and the power five is very real. Almost does no good to even study the film as the only team left on the schedule that will approach the talent of Mizzou is Boise State.  

Who was last week’s MVP?

No one really deserves such an honor for last week, so I shall pass giving one out. 

This week’s Poke Pick:

Wyoming has to play Wyoming football and with an inexperienced QB and perhaps a lack of talent or development of talent at WR the Pokes need to run the ball especially against FCS opposition. Hopefully, that RB is Evans but Bigelow and Valladay should be able to carry the load. 

Wyoming wins if…

They can control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. I expect the OL to bounce back just fine but we need to see a strong showing from the DL this week. 

Game Prediction

This game should be a lot like last year’s match-up against Texas State.

Wyoming 37, Wofford 12 


Connor Cunningham, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last weeks game @ Missouri?

I don’t have a lot of thoughts. I am ready to move on with the season, starting tomorrow.

Who was last week’s MVP? K Cooper Rothe

Not a lot of standout performances, but making a 51 yard field goal is certainly news worthy.

This week’s Poke Pick: Wyoming DL

Wofford presents an option attack and the DL has to set the tone with sound, assignment football. If they control the first two downs they should be able to get after the quarterback on third down passing situations. These guys ought to be hungry because they have not been very good the last two games.

Wyoming wins if…

They win third down on both sides of the ball. Wyoming has been bad at getting off the field on D and staying on the field on offense. If they win 3rd down, they should win handily.

Game Prediction

I think this game will start slow for the Pokes but they will run away with the win in the end. Wyoming 31, Wofford 13