When: Saturday, September 8th @ 5:00 PM MST

Where: Columbia, MO – Memorial Stadium (CAP. 71,004)


Radio: Cowboy Sports Network

Spread: Wyoming +19.5

Wyoming (1-1) is coming off a disappointing performance last week, when they fell to Washington state 41-19 in their home opener. The Cowboys couldn’t get anything going through the air all day and actually led in the 4th quarter until Washington went on a late run to pull away form the Cowboys. This week they travel to SEC country to take on Missouri (1-0). The Tigers are coming off of a 51-14 victory over the University of Tennessee-Martin.  

The Standings:


Straight Up Against the Spread

Robert Gagliardi

1-1 1-1

Brandon Foster

1-1 0-2

Brad Reed



Chad Smith 2-0


Connor Cunningham 1-1


Wyoming Cowboys 1-1



Robert Gagliardi, Wyosports.net

What are your thoughts on last weeks game vs Washington State?

An uncharacteristic effort from Wyoming. A lack of a pass rush and push up front and 13 penalties for 109 yards was something that hasn’t been done here in a while. It all caught up to the Cowboys at the end, and we saw a lack of effort.

Who was last week’s MVP? RB Nico Evans

He had 18 carries for 89 yards and one touchdown. After he left during Wyoming’s first possession of the third quarter, the team gained only 52 yards the rest of the game.

This week’s Poke Pick: QB Tyler Vander Waal

Vander Waal said he was “sloppy” last week, along with the entire offense. The game could be sloppy at Missouri because of a 90 percent chance of rain and it has been raining there all week. Vander Waal doesn’t have do everything by himself, but he needs to be better than he was last week.

Wyoming wins if…

Wins the turnover battle, shows it can move the ball through the air — even with the short passing game — and the defense plays like it did in the opener and much of last 

Game Prediction

Don’t see any of that happening, or at least not enough. I see a tough night for the Cowboys. Wyoming 7 Missouri 35


Brandon Foster, Casper Star-Tribune

What are your thoughts on last weeks game vs Washington State?

I think the final score was misleading, but once Nico Evans left the game, the Pokes didn’t seem like they would be able to mount any sort of comeback, even down just one.

Who was last week’s MVP? Tyler Hall

While UW may have briefly wished he was still at cornerback, with Wazzu seemingly targeting freshman C.J. Coldon, Hall was flat-out outstanding at nickel back. He’ll probably need a similar performance this week against a Missouri team that can also sling it.

This week’s Poke Pick: Alonzo Velazquez

The sophomore right tackle is expected to make his 2018 debut after missing two games with a knee injury, and Wyoming will need to pass protect better this week than it did against Washington State. Plus, with Evans likely out this week, any improvements on the O-line can’t hurt.

Wyoming wins if…

Wyoming wins if the game is it rains like hell, which may or may not still be in the forecast, and the Cowboys dominate the turnover battle. Rain nullifying the pass game would be far from the worst thing for the Pokes, considering Mizzou has a big edge there.

Game Prediction

I think there’s a whole lot going against the Cowboys in this one. They’re on the road, they’re a little beat up and missing key offensive weapons, they’re facing their second straight Power Five team. The promise we’ve seen from the offense this season has very much ridden on Evans’ shoulders, so if he can’t go, I don’t like UW’s chances. Even if he can, they’ll need a much better effort than a week ago. Wyoming 17 Missouri 31


Brad Reed, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last weeks game vs Washington State?

The Cowboys are going to look back at this game and wish they had it back. Obvious statement, but the Cowboys had chances to put this game away and couldn’t. The Cowboys were guilty of committing penalties that were uncharacteristic of a Craig Bohl coached team. Receivers dropped footballs they should not have, Vander Waal missed on a few passes, and Nico Evans left early with a rib injury. Basically, nothing went right for the Cowboys. Had this game happened six weeks from now I think we’d see a different game. The Cougars looked like they were in midseason form on offense already. Another time, pirate..

Who was last week’s MVP?

The only two standouts from last week that really come to mind are Nico Evans, who had 93 yards rushing and a touchdown and Logan Wilson who finished with 12 tackles and a TFL. A lot of work to be done for the Cowboys this week. 

This week’s Poke Pick: DE Carl Granderson

The Cowboys will face a Heisman candidate in Missouri quarterback Drew Lock. To slow Lock down is going to come from the front seven. My Poke pick this week is Big Carl. Needs a big game of harassing the quarterback and keeping him off balance for the Cowboys to have a chance to slow him down. 

Wyoming wins if…

As mentioned above, disrupting Lock’s game. The Cowboys also need to be more effective on offense. With Nico Evans being downgraded from day to day to doubtful a lot of load is going to be placed on Jevon Bigelow this week to carry some of the load. The Cowboys will need to open up the play book more this week to give Vander Waal a chance to win the Cowboys the football game. Basically, every Cowboy will have to be very good this week to win. 

Game Prediction

I just don’t see it. The Tigers will be a very formidable opponent this week and it’s on the road at an SEC venue (lol, Missouri is in the SEC?). I can see this game going a lot like last week’s game did. I’ll take Missouri to win. Wyoming 14 Missouri 34


Chad Smith, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last weeks game vs Washington State?

Washington State dominated the first quarter. Wyoming dominated the second quarter and went into the half with a lead. Early in the second half RB Nico Evans was injured and the offense never really looked the same. The “wheels fell off” as QB Tyler Vander Waal said in the post game. Power 5 schools are power 5 schools for a reason and the Cowboys just need to forget about last week and put in a better effort this week against another power 5 opponent.  

Who was last week’s MVP? LB Logan Wilson

Wilson was all over the place leading the defense with 12 tackles. 

This week’s Poke Pick:

Pre-season All-American safety Andrew Wingard has been quiet the first two weeks. This is the week he gets his mojo back.  

Wyoming wins if…

They play the best game Wyoming football has played in the last 10 years plus with the offense, defense and special teams all hitting at full cylinder. I would say this is quite unlikely given no RB Nico Evans and a freshman QB playing in his toughest road environment yet. 

Game Prediction

Mizzou is a better all-around team than Washington State and has a first-round NFL draft pick at QB. It will be a long night for the Pokes. Wyoming 13 Missouri 38 


Connor Cunningham, Wyonation.com

What are your thoughts on last weeks game vs Washington State?

Disappointing, that is the only word that comes to mind. The Cowboys played uncharacteristically undisciplined. They had too many penalties and mental mistakes, the craziest part about the whole thing is they still had a chance to win the game even after playing so poorly. I am not sure what to make of it, but I know one thing, the play calling needs to open up or the offense won’t do anything all year. It is too predictable.

Who was last week’s MVP? RB Nico Evans

I thought Nico Evans turned in another solid performance and the offenses ability to move down the field decreased dramatically when he had to leave the game. I sure hope the freshman running backs are ready to go this week, because it looks like Evans won’t be playing due to his rib injury.

This week’s Poke Pick: OC Brent Vigen

I have always thought Vigen’s play calling was a bit plain and predicable but when Wyoming had Josh Allen, Brian Hill, Jacob Hollister, and Tanner Gentry it didn’t seem to matter because those guys were so talented. The days of having those guys are over and the Cowboys will have 3 freshman running backs and a freshman quarterback leading the way in Missouri. They need some creativity and different play calling in order to score some points.

Wyoming wins if…

They win the turnover battle by at least two and get a big play whether it be from a long offensive play or a specials teams/defensive touchdown. They need a lot of things to go their way Saturday night.

Game Prediction

I don’t see the stars aligning for the Cowboys this weekend. I thought last week was their chance to get a P5 win. Hopefully I am wrong, but I think the Cowboys hang early and fade late. I will, however, take them to cover the spread. Wyoming 20 Missouri 38