Welcome to the inaugural edition of Lost Wages Thursday or as the kids call it Lo$t Wage$ Thur$day on WyoNation. In this new feature, we hope to make you a little extra pocket change as we go through the college football season. The Supreme Court ruling earlier this summer is going to make sports gambling in the United States a much bigger part of the sports market as betting is legalized state by state. So we thought we would get on the train early to offer you some additional college football entertainment.

The philosophy of Lost Wages Thursday will be to NOT lose our wages (just a play on words) and to build our pot slowly using a sustainable betting strategy that will see some extra cash in your pocket come bowl season so you can buy something nice for your wife, girlfriend or kids.

We will start with $50 in our pot and see where we can take it with one, two or three bets per week. If there is a good Wyoming angle we will take it but otherwise, we will focus on other national games and Mountain West match-ups. Get to the legal gambling site of your choice and remember to always gamble responsibly. Now on to this week’s picks!

Bet: The Wyoming Angle

Wyoming travels to New Mexico State to open the season and the over/under has been set at 46.0 points. Six out of the last seven Wyoming games have been under while four out of the last six New Mexico State games have been under. Both teams will also be starting new quarterbacks which should help slow the offenses down.

Additionally, Wyoming returns eight starters on a defense that allowed just 17 points per game last season so the under is pretty appetizing. The under is currently being hammered in the betting markets and the line has gone down from 46 points to 45 points and the odds have increased from -110 to -115. This is still considered a good bet considering the return even though there is a chance one of the offenses could score enough points to ruin our right. Remember that sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint and sometimes you must take risks to get off to a good start.

The Bet: $5.00 on the UNDER (46 pts) at -110 odds to return $9.55

This being week zero, the only other game with posted odds worth considering is Hawaii at Colorado State. It’s not a good bet though because the price for a straight bet for Colorado State to win is too low and I’m not certain they will cover the 14 point spread so we will stick with just the one bet for this week. Next week will be much improved and we will have a full slate of three bets with plenty of games to choose from.

Good luck to us and see you next week.