Lo$t Wage$ Thur$day is back! We are happy to report that last week’s bet was a success and the 29-7 scoreline for Wyoming vs New Mexico State was well under the 46 points for our under bet. Here is a review of where we stand going from week zero to week one of the college football season.

Last Week’s Profit: + $4.55

Season Profit: + $4.55

Current Pot: 54.55

This week offers a smorgasbord of games to choose from but in the betting world one must always do their research and find games that offer value. Below are the three bets we have lined up for you this week as we look to keep the money train going. It’s still early in the season so we will be a little more on the safe side as we learn more about all the schools as they play games.

Badger Power

Wisconsin has some highly documented off the field problems but on the field, they have a solid QB and one of the best running backs in the country. Look for the Badgers to play Wisconsin football and pound the Hilltoppers into submission. Look for a final score of something like 45-10 in Madison.

The Bet: $5 on Western Kentucky vs Wisconsin OVER 53 points (-105)

$5.00 returns $9.76

Pac-12 Daily Double

Arizona will host BYU and California will entertain North Carolina in a pair of Pac-12 school season openers. Individually these games don’t offer good enough odds to bet on but as a double, they check enough boxes. We don’t need to give a reason for Wyoming fans to bet against BYU but know that Cal beat the Tarheels in Chapel Hill last season and will have enough to take care of them at home this season.

The Bet: $5 on Arizona to WIN against BYU (-440) and California to WIN against Noth Carolina (-275) as a double.

$5.00 returns $8.37

Bet Three: $10 to $100 Challenge Leg 1

What is a $10 to $100 challenge? Well, you start with a $10 bet and if you win that bet you take the winnings and add them to the $10 and bet again. Hopefully, you win enough in a row to hit the magic $100 mark. These picks will be at lower odds with slow and steady being the goal. These bets are more of a fun game than something serious, so have fun with it!

Oddly enough, our first bet of the challenge will feature the last two season-opening opponents for the Pokes in the Hawkeyes and Huskies. Iowa is tough in Iowa City and will certainly be for the Huskies this Saturday.

The Bet: $10 on Iowa to WIN against Northern Illinois (-410)

$10.00 returns $12.44

Remember to always gamble responsibly. Good luck to us and see you next week!