Photo Credit: Pete Arnold

Last week the Cowboys suffered a loss in a blow out to Oregon 49-13. It was a tough game to watch as the Cowboys were out of their element from the very beginning. Josh Allen and the offense never got anything going and the defense was on the field too much and Oregon’s speed was overpowering. The good news? That is the best team Wyoming will see this year. More good news? Mountain West play starts this week, thus meaning the real season begins. I have some thoughts as we move on to Hawaii.

I think…

  1. Wyoming was simply overmatched against Oregon.

From the get go on Saturday it was apparent that Oregon just simply outclassed the Pokes. They were bigger, faster, stronger, and better. Did the Cowboys fail to compete like many expected? Yes, but there is little the Pokes could’ve done to compete in that football game. I understand expectations in Laramie are higher than usual, but don’t forget who Oregon is. This is a football team that has been dominant for the last 10-15 years and played in the college football playoffs and the national championship in that span. Wyoming fans need to erase this game from their memory because it means nothing in the grand scheme of things and in reality the Cowboys just lost to a team that is very good and a lot better than they are. Everyone just needs to forget about last week and move on because there is a lot of football left.

  1. Trey Woods needs to get the majority of the carries.

The running game this year has been abysmal, there really is no other way to put it. The lone bright spot in that area, in my opinion, has been freshman running back Trey Woods. I think Craig Bohl has found a very good running back in Woods and it is time for him to start carrying the ball more. Against Oregon Woods ran the ball 11 times for 42 yards, nothing eye popping but he didn’t have any negative runs and runs the ball hard. It is easy to draw a comparison to Brian Hill when you see him run. Milo Hall has been getting better as the season has gone on, but Woods needs to be the guy. This week’s depth chart has Woods listed 2nd at RB and from what Bohl said, Woods and Hall will get the bulk of the carries going forward. If I had to guess, Woods will become #1 as he learns more of the playbook and gets comfortable with the college game.

  1. You shouldn’t lose faith in Josh Allen

Just don’t do it. Allen has had 2 tough games this year, I know, but let’s not forget who this guy is and how good he actually is. Wyoming has lost 2 football games to teams that have been in the top 15 consistently for the last 15 years. It isn’t like we are losing to teams we should beat and Allen hasn’t performed how he would like, we all know that. It is difficult for any quarterback to perform well when your running game is averaging 2.7 yards/carry through 3 games and your receivers are failing to create any kind of significant separation. Allen will return to form starting this week, don’t lose faith, because the kid is good and before too long you’ll be wishing he was still wearing brown and gold.

  1. The Cowboy defense will bounce back.

The Cowboy defense had their fair share of struggles last week but they will bounce back. Last week probably isn’t the best game to judge them on. They were on the field a lot and playing the best offense they will see all season. The speed of Oregon’s football team was one of the most impressive things I think I have ever seen in War Memorial Stadium. Don’t forget how much praise we were giving this defense after the first two games. It is still the same group. They will bounce back against Hawaii this week and look like they did in the first two game.

  1. The next two games will tell us what kind of football team Wyoming is.

Right now Wyoming’s record is exactly where we thought it would be at 1-2. They beat the team they should and the teams that should beat them did. Now the real season starts these next two weeks with Hawaii and then Texas State. Both games are at home and both are teams Wyoming should beat. We will learn a lot about what kind of team we have in Laramie going forward. I think the Cowboys walk away with 2 wins and end September 3-2 and go into their bye week feeling good and ready for the heart of Mountain West play.