The Cowboys took one to the mouth last week, mostly due to a lopsided 4th quarter. The Cowboys played tough for 3 quarters but mistakes started to pile and as they did, Nebraska cashed in. Don’t let the 4th quarter consume your thoughts too much, Cowboy fans. For 7 quarters and 3 overtimes, the Pokes have looked like a much improved football team.

The Cowboys have a very good chance to put one in the W column as the take on UC-Davis from the FCS’ Big Sky Conference on Saturday. Here are 5 things I think going into this week’s game.

1. There will be growing pains this season

One week Wyoming has a huge win and the next week they compete against Nebraska for 3 quarters. Then they give up 28 points in a fourth quarter full of turnovers and other mistakes. Josh Allen threw 5 interceptions, Rothe missed 2 field goals, and the defense had a number of mistakes that lead to big plays for the Huskers. The point is, we are going to see an improved football team this year, but the Pokes are still very young and there are going to be growing pains. This season will be filled with highs and lows; we just have to hope they grow up quicker than most and the highs outweigh the lows.

2. Josh Allen will be just fine

Josh Allen made some good plays and Allen made some bad throws; he also didn’t get a whole lot of help. The fumble was a fluke, one interception bounced off of a receiver’s chest and ended up in the hands of Nebraska, and one was on 4th and long. Not to mention, Brian Hill didn’t play like he is capable of. The sophomore gunslinger is full of talent, but like any young quarterback he is going to make mistakes. If he doesn’t get help, like a solid running game, he is going to have a lot of pressure on his shoulders. I think he has the talent to carry an offense, but Nebraska’s defense got the best of him and things snowballed. We will see a better Josh Allen this weekend

3. Brian Hill will bounce back from last week in Brian Hill fashion.

Brian Hill may have had his least productive game as a Cowboy last week. Hill finished with 17 carries for 49 yards and a score, but was bottled up for much of the day. Hill will bounce back, and he will do it early and often. If Hill gets some nice gains early, it will take pressure off of Allen and the offense should be able to move the ball well throughout the game.

4. Depth is a major concern for this years team

My biggest take away from the Nebraska game is that depth is a major issue still. Wyoming doesn’t have a lot after their 2 deep and in some spots, if the starter gets injured they would be in major trouble. Depth takes time and Bohl inherited a program that was not in a good place and he is trying to build something from scratch. The depth should start getting built in the coming years, but it is not there this year.

5. Craig Bohl has this football program on the right track

Through 7 quarters we saw what Craig Bohl is capable of doing for Wyoming football. Wyoming did not play that well against Nebraska, but Bohl’s coaching style and philosophy kept the Cowboys in that game for as long as possible and gave the team time to get some momentum. We saw a very capable team for 4 quarters and overtime against NIU and we saw that same team for 3 quarters last week. I am totally bought in to what Bohl is trying to do and believe in it. I think he deserves the same from the fans and I hope they give him the time he deserves. I hope they show their support, starting this Saturday in War Memorial Stadium.