The Best Current NFL Players to Come From the Wyoming Cowboys

After the recent release of the Wyoming Cowboys new schedule for 2016, we can all start to get excited about the upcoming season.

With the Cowboys looking to contend for Mountain West Conference honors, their season will start against Northern Illinois in a non-conference tie. After that, the Cowboys will face Nebraska, UC Davis and then Eastern Michigan before their succeeding games of the season begin.

With the Cowboys season nearly upon us, we thought we’d take a look at the best Cowboys players that are currently plying their trade in the NFL. Although, no Wyoming College graduate has ever won the MVP at the Super Bowl like the most recent winner Von Miller did for Denver Broncos, which respected Betfair and American Football expert Neil Harvey correctly predicted, the Cowboys have seen some fantastic players turn out for them over the years.

Here is your definitive list of the best Cowboys players ever to make it to the big leagues. And let’s not forget that in 2011, according to Cowboy Altitude; Wyoming was the fourth best producing states in terms of producing NFL draftees. So, in theory we should have quite a few names to pick from.

Malcolm Floyd

Veteran San Diego Chargers wide receiver, Malcolm Floyd has now completed 11 seasons in the NFL. He recorded 561 yards and 3 touchdowns in the 2015 season. In total, he has scored 34 touchdowns during his career.

Tashaun Gibson

25-year-old, Tashaun Gibson has now played 5 seasons in the NFL, and during the last campaign the Cleveland Browns man, managed 60 combined tackles equaling 240 in his entire career.

Marqueston Huff

Huff has a steady introduction into the big games, only featuring on the odd occasion last season for the Tennessee Titans. The strong safety position saw him make 11 combined tackles in 2015. Huff will be looking to kick on in 2016 and make more of an impression for the Titans instead of being a perennial bench player.

Chris Prosinski

Chicago Bears player Chris Prosinski is approaching his 6th season since being drafted. He has a total of 131 combined tackles as well as 28 assists during his career. The 28-year-old was a 4th round pick back in 2011.

Mitch Unrein

Defensive lineman, Mitch Unrein is a colossus of a man at 6’4 and 306 lbs. Last season he recorded 19 combined tackles, 3 assist and a solitary sack. The 28-year-old is approaching his 6th season in the big leagues, although he’s very much a bench player like his fellow ex-Wyoming Cowboys and Bears player, Chris Prosinski.