The Achilles heel of the Wyoming defense through two games this season has been the big play. The Pokes have allowed a total of 12 plays that have gone for 20 yards or more ranking them 107th out of 128 FBS schools. The breakdown of those big plays is four on the ground (95th) and eight through the air (101st).

Those eight chunk plays allowed passing are a major concern for the Wyoming defense because they face a Cougar offense tonight that likes to air it out under head coach Mike Leach. The Cougars with Luke Falk as their signal caller are fifth in the nation in passing offense averaging 392 yards per game and rank 9th in the country with 11 passes for 20 yards or more. On paper this is a nightmare match-up for the Cowboys and considering that this will be the first college road game for many of the Wyoming defensive players you have to be concerned.

Will the young Poke handle the travel, crowd noise and late day kickoff that will be thrown at them?  It’s a tough task and it’s likely it will be another rlong day for the Wyoming secondary who will be facing a trial by fire. The only positive to take away from this is perhaps these early setbacks will show the players where they have to improve individually and in two or three years’ time the Cowboys will have an experienced and battle tested secondary. Between now and then though things could be pretty turbulent for the program and Pullman tonight has the potential to be the bumpiest of them all. Buckle up and try to enjoy the ride.