The goal of every football coach at every university is to win football games and compete for conference championships. When Dave Christensen was hired, Athletic Director Tom Burman stated, “With Dave leading Cowboy Football, I believe our program will make dramatic progress in the coming years and return to a position of prominence in the Mountain West Conference.” As we approach the end of Christensen’s fifth season the Pokes have been nowhere near Mountain West prominence as 22 of Christensen’s 26 wins at Wyoming have been against losing FBS or FCS programs. To be the best you must beat the best and Wyoming isn’t even in a position to compete with the best. Here is the year by year breakdown of Christensen’s record versus ranked teams and those with a winning record.


The last FBS team Wyoming beat with a winning record was San Diego State on October 29th, 2011 in San Diego. The Aztecs at that time were 4-2 and ended the 2011 season with an 8-5 record. Since then Wyoming has been defeated by every single FBS team it has faced with a winning record. The numbers shown above should be disheartening to every Wyoming fan and it is safe to say the program is not trending in an upward direction. I supported the hiring of Dave Christensen as our football coach because of his spread offense and his overall vision. Yet, at the end of his fifth season it is clear to see he has not created the culture and winning mentality that he would have liked. Based on what we know it is safe to say that Wyoming will beat Hawaii at home ( a team with a losing record) and will be defeated by Utah State on the road (a team with a winning record).

The question then turns to, is a winning percentage of 12.9% against winning teams good enough for Wyoming to reach prominence in the Mountain West? The answer is certainly not and it is my belief that it would be best for Christensen and Wyoming to part ways at the completion of this football season.