This week the Cowboys take on FCS foe the Northern Colorado Bears. These games against lower division teams are a no win situation and I believe they should be banished by the NCAA. We all know this will not happen though because there are too many schools who are willing to pay FCS schools big money in order to buy a win. That does not always work though as we found out last year (Cal-Poly) and earlier in this college football season where eight FCS schools defeated FBS programs.

I will not provide a complete breakdown of the game this week because the fact is Wyoming has much better players than Northern Colorado and holds the advantage in every single category. The question is do the Pokes have the motivation to take care of what needs to be done? After the Cal Poly debacle last year I think it is safe to say the Cowboys will be motivated (or we have some very serious problems yet again) so here are my three keys to the game:

1. Don’t turn the ball over

The main way to crush the will of an FCS program is to score early and often. If you do not turn the ball over your chances of doing just that increase greatly. In the loss to Cal Poly last season the Cowboys turned the ball over in the final minutes of the game down by just two points. Keep a clean sheet in the turnover department this year against the Bears and victory will come.

2. Run the ball

Wyoming’s offensive line has been visibly more physical the past two weeks than we have seen at any time under head coach Dave Christensen. The Wyoming offensive line now has starters that range from 6-1 to 6-9 in height and 285 to 318 pounds in weight. The starters on the Northern Colorado four man defensive line weigh, 246, 268, 275, and 300 pounds. Wyoming should have no problem controlling the line of scrimmage if properly motivated look for Shaun Wick to have another 100 yard day.

3. Keep Brett Smith healthy

The Loss to Cal Poly last year was mainly because Brett Smith was injured and not playing. It is essential that the Wyoming offensive line and running backs keep Smith upright and in one piece if the rest of the season is to be a success. Hopefully the Pokes can get up big and early so the second half can become Tommy Thornton time.


This game should be all Wyoming but the Cowboys will still have to put in a good effort, games can not be won by just simply showing up. I believe the Pokes will come to the War with their work hats on and will dominate the visitors from Greeley, Colorado.

Cowboys 48  Bears 10