Some great info from coach Shyatt in an end of the season Wyoming basketball review yesterday by Robert Gagliardi on Many topics were covered including, injuries, recruiting, the offseason workout schedule and thoughts on the future of the program but what interested me the most was comments on the schedule for the 2013-2014 season. Here is what we know:


 -Wyoming will host SMU (219 RPI).

-Wyoming will play Colorado (38 RPI) in Boulder.

-Wyoming will play a home and home with South Dakota (241 RPI).

-Wyoming will likely play Ohio State (RPI 10) on the road so Larry Nance Jr. can play a game in his native Ohio.

-Wyoming will search out a game in Florida for Charles Hankerson Jr. so he can play in his home state as well.

-Coach Shyatt has contacted all his friends and every BCS school for a home and home and only SMU and Larry Brown have accepted.


The fact that Shyatt is looking for games so players from the east can play a game in front of their families is quite interesting. Other schools might do this as well but I’ve never heard a coach mention this in public and it shows he really does care for his players to do so. Shyatt should have no problem finding a game in Florida as there are a boat load of D-1 schools there and I’m already dreaming of a Wyoming trip to NCAA tournament darlings Florida Gulf Coast. How fun would that be?

I would look for the 2013-2014 schedule to have some more regional teams as well. I would guess Denver would be back in the rotation and it would make sense to see if Montana, Montana State, Northern Colorado and Idaho would like to play a game. Would it be worth it to call BYU and Utah too see if they would like to renew a series? I think so as they would both be marquee non-conference games. Another team worth contacting would be Nebraska who has former CSU head coach Tim Miles at the helm and they like us have a hard time filling out the non-conference portion of the schedule.

What teams would you like to see Wyoming play next year?