Today as promised I bring you the WyoNation mailbag. You have questions and today I will try to have some answers. Thank you all for the questions that came in via facebook, twitter and email. Please do keep them coming as I would like to make this a regular feature. Now on to the mailbag!

Our first question comes from Roger Jones via facebook.

Any chance Luke (Martinez) will be back?

I would put the chances of Luke Martinez ever lacing up his shoes for Wyoming again at zero percent. Martinez will have his arraignment for his felony assault case on March 6th. The very same day of Wyoming’s last regular season game at home versus Colorado State. This is a serious charge and if found guilty Martinez could face up to 10 years in prison. With that in mind Martinez has much bigger problems than basketball and I can’t see him ever playing for us again even if his case is magically cleared up in time for Vegas.


The second question comes from our not so good friend @GoRamsGo on twitter deep in sheep country.

Who has uglier uniforms Wyoming or the Cleveland Browns?

There is no doubt this question is of the troll variety and I don’t usually feed trolls but this will allow me to get a few things off my chest. First of all, I do not think Wyoming’s uniforms or the Brown’s uniforms are ugly at all. In a world where most teams primary color is red or blue I like the change of pace with brown thrown into the mix. The bottom line is winning cures all and if Wyoming and the Cleveland Browns won football games there would not be a single complaint about their color schemes.

Now has Nike taken Wyoming’s uniforms down a road I wish was not taken? Clearly in my mind the answer is yes but in the end my opinion doesn’t matter. The players and recruits seem to love having 200 different combinations and if that makes the players happy then it’s all good by me. I would prefer to see a more traditional look and the uniforms from the mid 90’s fit the bill. Why do I like these uniforms so much? They are associated with winning!

Now if we are talking about ugly Mr. Sheep I do not think there is any defense of these (great pumpkin) aggie threads. Now excuse me as I go to our trophy cabinet to polish the BOOT.