In a move that has seemingly came from nowhere, Wyoming offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon has left the program to take the same position at New Mexico State. This was announced earlier today on the official University of New Mexico State website.

This move seems very odd but I am guessing that for whatever reason it has been in the works for some time now. Moves like this are not made until after letter of intent day (rightly or wrongly) to minimize the impact such moves have on recruiting classes. The question is, what caused this? Brandon being removed at QB’s coach? Maybe a difference of opinion on the future of the offense between Brandon and Christensen? Who knows but I find the latter possibility less likely considering Christensen learned the spread offense from Brandon.

We will see how Christensen fills the offensive coordinator position. It is a very important hire considering we have a very talented and productive quarterback when healthy in Brett Smith. We need the new OC to hit the ground running as Smith will be a junior this coming fall. With that in mind my best guess is Christensen will name himself offensive coordinator and hire another coach to oversee the RB’s or WR’s.