Wyoming’s RPI this season is surprisingly high right now (39th, according to rpiforecast.com) considering the weakness of the schedule which is currently ranked 267th. The Cowboys have been boosted with wins over three team in the top 55; Colorado (2nd), Illinois State (39th) and UCSB (53rd). After another matchup versus UCSB on Friday the Cowboy’s schedule will only get better strength wise from here with the Mountain West having a very strong year so far. New Mexico, UNLV and Colorado State are all ranked in the top 50 and wins versus these conference rivals will be a major boost to Wyoming’s post season hopes.

RPIforecast.com takes things to another level though with an estimated RPI based on the total number of wins Wyoming may have at the end of the season. Here is that chart as of today:

Final Record    RPI    Probability 
28-0 1.8 0.04%
27-1 3.6 0.65%
26-2 4.6 2.74%
25-3 6.5 8.10%
24-4 9.5 14.41%
23-5 12.8 20.24%
22-6 17.1 21.02%
21-7 22.1 16.49%
20-8 28.2 9.55%
19-9 35.9 4.32%
18-10 45.3 1.75%
17-11 56.8 0.50%
16-12 65.9 0.14%
15-13 77.8 0.04%


If Wyoming can get to the 20 win mark or better (not counting the 2 non Div I wins) and there is a good chance they will based on the probability calculations . The Cowboys will be almost a lock for the NCAA Tournament with an RPI around 28 with as many wins as 9 versus teams in the top 100. That’s not bad for Larry Shyatt in his second season back that has been deemed by most as a rebuilding year.