The season has mercifully come to an end for Wyoming football. I decided to use caution and not write about this 4-8 season right away as disappointment would have clouded my reasoning. Even today I’m not going to lay my thoughts out, as I only wish to provoke thought on the future of this program. To accomplish this I am going to provide the accomplishments of three recent Wyoming football coaches in their first four seasons at the helm. The factors given to compare are pretty simple, winning percentage, significant wins, and average score. Winning percentage and average score are straight mathematical computations and the only subjective criteria is significant wins. I considered a significant win to be any of the following: a win over a school currently in a BCS conference, a win over a ranked team, a win over an eventual conference champion, a win over any of our main WAC/MWC rivals (Air Force, BYU, CSU, Utah), and any bowl game win.

With that criteria in mind let’s go on to the blind taste test!

Coach A

Winning %: 48.9

Significant Wins: 7

Average Score: WYO 27 – OPP 29


Coach B

 Winning %: 44

 Significant Wins: 6

 Average Score: WYO 22 – OPP 29


 Coach C

 Winning %: 44

 Significant Wins: 9

 Average Score: WYO 24 – OPP 25


 Highlight the text below to reveal the coaches names and see who you picked!

Coach A: Joe Tiller

Coach B: Dave Christensen

Coach C: Joe Glenn


As you can see all three coaches are very similar with Joe Tiller having a slightly higher winning percentage than Glenn and Christensen. It was the next two years after the initial four that defined Tiller and Glenn and we all know how that ended up. Tiller had a record of 16 and 7 getting to the WAC title game before heading to Purdue, while Glenn went 9 and 15 and ended up being fired. What path will Christensen take? We will find out in the next two years.