On Wednesday the Cowboy basketball team and the Cowboy wrestling team suspended two players. Patrick Martinez, a standout on the wrestling team and expected to compete as an All-American wrestler this season, was suspended by wrestling coach Mark Branch for conspiring to commit larceny from a September 29th incident. Shakir Smith, mostly a bench player for the Pokes basketball team and expected to compete for starting time this season, was suspended by Larry Schyatt for larceny from the same September 29th incident. The UW athletic department released a statement yesterday saying that both players were dismissed from their respective teams and the AD, nor Branch and Schyatt, would have no further comment.

In a statement from the Laramie Police Department they said that neither had been charged yet. It is expected that Martinez will not have charges filed against him in this case, and it is still unknown if Smith will have charges filed against him. It is also still unknown if Smith and Martinez will be reinstated to their respective teams at this time. This is another incident the UW AD has had to deal with this week as head football coach Dave Christensen was suspended and fined this week for his comments towards Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun.

Both the Pokes wrestling team, as well as the Pokes basketball team have begun preparation for the beginning of the seasons which kick off in less than a month. When further news is available on either of these athletes check WyoNation.com for further updates.