“We’ve had years in the past where I have felt, ‘We are what we are.’ You know that statement. I don’t think we are what we are. I think we’re pretty good.”

-Tom Burman on this season’s 1-5 start to the Casper Star Tribune’s Ben Frederickson.


From this quote and other quotes by Dave Christensen (we are X plays away from being X and X) the Wyoming athletics department is in a state of denial. Bill Parcells is right, you are what your record is and right now Wyoming is a very poor 1-5 team. Most fans can see this for themselves and don’t need smoke blown up you know where. If Wyoming is a “pretty good team” as you say Mr. Burman answer this question for me. How many pretty good teams do you know who are…

– 0 and 3 at home including a loss to a FCS team?

– Ranked 97th in the country in scoring defense, 114th in rushing defense and 103rd in total defense?

– Giving up over a 50% conversion rate on third down defense?

Those are just a few of our shortcomings and the answer to the question is none. There are no good teams who have this record and those characteristics. The people of Wyoming deserve straight forward answers why this is happening especially when the head coach is on the record of saying this is his most talented team to date. I’m not advocating that Christensen be fired because he has improved the offense greatly since taking over but he must be held accountable for the degradation of the defense. Stop with the quotes of denial, the post game tirades and be accountable for the poor product on the field to date.