WyoNation I would like you to meet Vandal Nation. I had the chance to ask Sean Kramer the football writer for Idaho’s school newspaper a few questions about Saturday’s game. You can follow Sean on Twitter @VandalNation and read his work over at VandalNation.com . If you would like my take on this matchup see my ‘Clean It Up’ post earlier in the week. Now on to the view of the game from an Idaho point of view. 

WyoNation: With Wyoming coming to town with the same 0-3 record as Idaho, what
is the mood in Moscow? Does Idaho think this is a game they could win?

Vandal Nation: The players definitely thinks this is a game they are going to win. They are finally back home and will have their starting quarterback in this game. And with Wyoming in the state that they are in there is kind of a now or never feel to this one.

WyoNation: What is going on with the Vandal’s running game which ranks second
to last in the country? Is the offensive line poor , is it the lack of
good running backs or both?

Vandal Nation: The poor offensive line has something to do with it as does extenuating circumstances. Eastern Washington loaded the box in week one because of the lack of a starting quarterback for Idaho, and of course nobody runs against LSU. Against Bowling Green the Vandals put the ball in Blackman’s hands too many times because it was the only thing that consistently worked, but the Vandals weren’t able to string together many consistent drives. Look for Idaho to make a concerted effort to run the ball against Wyoming.

WyoNation: For Wyoming fans who may be making the trip to see the game, what
type of atmosphere can they expect at the Kibbie Dome?

Vandal Nation: The atmosphere is going to be pretty raucous in the first quarter, at the very least. If Idaho plays well and the game is close late than it should stay that way. If Idaho goes behind by halftime the students are going to clear out.

WyoNation: Who is one Idaho player Wyoming fans should take not of as a key
player for the Vandals?

Vandal Nation: There are two players we expect to have big games offensively this Saturday. Number one is receiver Mike Scott who hasn’t gotten as many targets as we’d have liked the first two Blackman starts, but he is Idaho’s best offensive threat. Two is running back Todd Handley. He presents speed and shiftiness at the position and Idaho needs to see what they can get out of him.

WyoNation: Idaho will beat Wyoming if…

Vandal Nation: Idaho will beat Wyoming if they can consistently string together drives and win the third down battle on both sides of the ball. The Vandals will scrap defensively so it will be up to Blackman to eat clock and keep Idaho ahead consistently. It’s the only way the Vandals will keep the crowd in the game as well.