Wednesday is my customary day where I look at Saturday’s opponent for the Cowboys. This week I am changing things up though as whom our opponent is this week really does not matter. This week needs to be about the players who will be wearing the brown and gold. Only we can control our level of play and the execution of this week’s game plan. Yes, Cal-Poly will have our full attention due to the losses suffered over the weekend to our not so good friends down south in green & gold and black & gold. I have 100% confidence in the coaching staff to put the players in the proper position for us to be successful on Saturday but the bottom line is only they themselves can do it.

Now is the time for the players to have and show belief and passion for Wyoming football. The Cowboys need to play as a team and minimize their mistakes (turnovers) in order to push forward for the rest of the season. This is especially true without the services of quarterback Brett Smith who is doubtful to play this weekend because of the head injury he suffered against Toledo.  At this point in time in Dave Christensen’s program with Smith or not we should be able to beat a lower division school like Cal-Poly. Colby Kirkegaard or Jason Thompson will be at the helm but that is no excuse for failure. Play cowboy tough football and get the job done, it’s our only option.