Last week I said the Cal Poly game came down to the effort, desire and commitment the coaches and players had for Wyoming football and nothing more. With a 24-22 loss to Cal Poly at home the Pokes failed miserably in this cause and the words of the coaching staff have become fairly hollow. During fall camp we heard statements that this was the most talented team Christensen has had since taking over and that we finally have the depth and players to run the type of offense that he wants. After this embarrassing loss those statements cannot be considered anything close to true.

I do not think it is asking much for a coach in his fourth year to have the depth and talent to beat an unranked lower division opponent at home regardless of his team’s injury situation. Brett Smith or no Brett Smith there was no excuse for Saturday night. What type of program has Christensen built when he can’t beat an average FCS team at home without his starting quarterback? I would say not much of a program has been built and we are really a one man team. Nobody else on the roster (offense or defense) had the ability to make a play when one was needed. Christensen said as much in his comatose state in the post game press conference. He wasn’t making excuses but mentioned the lack of making plays and key injuries several times each as the reason the game was lost.

Saturday was a dark day for the Wyoming football program as it was the first loss ever against a 1-aa or FCS school since the classification came into existence in 1978. As bad as things were at times under Vic Koenning and Joe Glenn they still managed to beat their lower division opponents. In 2001 Koenning beat Furman who finished the season the #4 team in 1-aa and in 2008 Glenn defeated North Dakota State who was the #1 1-aa team at the time. The key now is how the Cowboys react to this loss at 0-3 but I do not harbor much hope after Christensen’s subdued press conference where he seemed indifferent at best about the whole situation.