The two athletes with Wyoming roots who are representing the USA at London 2012 have competed, Jennifer Nichols in archery and Brett Newlin in rowing. Here is how they did:

Jennifer Nichols competed in both the women’s team and individual events in archery. On the team side the USA women made it to the quarter finals where they were defeated by China before they had a chance to compete for a medal position. This result was a little disappointing because the USA actually finished second in the ranking round and received a bye into the quarterfinals. On the individual stage Nichols won her first round match-up versus an opponent from India but fell in her second round contest against a Mongolian.

Brett Newlin was part of the USA’s “men’s eights” rowing team. The USA won their qualifying heat gaining automatic access into the final of the event but ended up finishing 4th in the final race just out of a medal spot behind Germany, Canada and Great Britain.

Great job by both of these athletes! All though they did not medal they showed they are elite in the events they qualified for and not many of us can say we are world-class in what we do.