Today is media day in Laramie which means fall camp is in full swing and the football season is just a few weeks away. Camp has gone well so far despite two off the field injuries that may keep both OL Daniel Fleischman and K Daniel Sullivan out of uniform for this entire season. The Cowboys should be in good shape though as Dave Christensen is happy with the depth and experience he has built up in his first three years in charge. While this may be Christensen’s deepest and most experienced team to date the Pokes still have some growing up to do to realistically challenge for a conference title. Here is a breakdown of this year’s roster by class:









As you can see in the above graphic the Cowboys are still very underclassmen heavy with 61% of the roster being made up of younger players with just 39% of the team being upperclassmen. Looking at this class breakdown suggests the Cowboys should peak in 2 years when most of the roster will be upper classmen with most notably Brett Smith being a senior.

To put things in perspective, Wyoming ranks 8th in the Mountain West ahead only of CSU in terms of upperclassmen roster percentage according to statistics compiled by Phil Steele earlier this summer.


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