New Casper Star Wyoming Cowboys beat writer Ben Frederickson had a bit of interesting information this weekend:

Brett Smith said his coaches are trusting him to run more. Seeing it today. Has tucked and taken off as much as he’s thrown. #gowyo

— Ben Frederickson (@Ben_Fred) August 11, 2012

Brett Smith is a talented duel threat QB but what impressed me the most about him last year was his ability to stay in the pocket. Unlike many duel threat QB’s Smith would run only when he had to and stood strong in the pocket for the most part. My concern of him running more is mostly based on fear of injury, Smith although bigger and stronger this year is still only 6-3 and 195 pounds. Can his body take the added punishment of running more than the 139 times he did last year?

The reason Smith may be given the freedom to run more this year is because of the loss of Alvester Alexander. Wyoming only has two running backs who have taken meaningful snaps (Brandon Miller and Kody Sutton) and Smith is a proven playmaker who can move the chains and keep the offense balanced, so I see the reason his full talents would be unleashed. While my fear of injury is strong it must be pointed out that when Smith was knocked out of a game last year against TCU it was because of a hit in the pocket. So the only thing we can do is hope for the best in terms of Smith’s health and develop a quality back-up QB through fall camp just in case.

What say you Wyoming fans, should Smith be allowed to run more in 2012 or is it not worth the risk?