Could today be the end of the second worse three letters (BCS) in all of America? The IRS is number one of course but with college football as popular as it is from coast to coast the BCS can’t be far behind. The fate of the BCS now lies in the hands of 12 college presidents after last week’s playoff agreement among the conference commissioners. While this is good news, a playoff is by no means a sure thing. The college presidents have been a major force in blocking progress in college football to modernize and get away from an antiquated bowl system that has been a cash cow for stodgy old men in smoking jackets. The plus-one model is still on the table but hopefully these presidents will give in to public opinion like the AD’s did and focus on matters that they are good at (academics).

Is a four team playoff perfect? Heck no! The only perfect system is like the one we see in college basketball where there is somewhat equal access and every conference is represented. This is a good starting point though and the playoff field will expand as this new system is going to make a great deal of money. Money is what gets things done at all levels in modern society and the cash will be too much for the decision makers to say no. Even though Wyoming (and the MWC) has very little chance to be selected into a four team playoff; let’s hope the college presidents make the right decision for the sport of college football as a whole and not protect their bowl buddies who have ruined college football.