Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs!?!? Yes, we’re talking about playoffs Jim Mora…COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS. The only North American major sport not to have a playoff system will finally have one starting in 2014. The details haven’t all been worked out yet (which scares the bejesus out of me) but we do know just four teams will be in the mix. This is not perfect by any means but it is a good place to start and a major upgrade over the current stale BCS system. My guess is the four team format will not last long because the only thing the college football big wigs like more than “tradition” is money and money is your new tradition!

I am happy college football has turned the corner on this topic but it may be too little too late. Without a playoff and the corrupt BCS system in place college football as we know it has been destroyed conference wise as teams changed affiliations to gain AQ BCS status (which will now no longer exist) and cash in on television revenue. If a college football playoff was in place years ago none of these changes would have occurred and the Mountain West would be as strong as ever with BYU, Boise State, TCU and Utah still under the MW banner. Now we are scrambling for (perceived) national relevance contemplating a merger with Conference USA while picking up doormats from the decaying WAC. A playoff is a good thing but will a team from the “new” Mountain West ever qualify for it? We can only dream…

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