Much like the age oldĀ tree falling in the forest question, did spring football actually happen if WyoNation/Cowboy Tough did not blog about it? The answer of course is yes and I’m trying to put my finger on why I was so down on spring ball this year. The only real reason I can think of is the lack of a QB battle. This is very much a good thing as Brett Smith has established himself as the top signal caller forcing the transfer of the highly touted Adam Pittser. This left Wyoming very thin at the QB spot this spring with the only real QB on the roster being Colby Kirkegaard (because of Smith’s hand surgery) who did show some improvement taking every snap in the Brown and Gold game. The rest may have done Brett Smith some good as he took a beating last season and he will be needed at full strength this fall if he is to improve on his freshman season.

I am very excited about the defense under the new leadership of Dave Christensen’s hand selected defensive coordinator Chris Tormey. There were very few details given on how the defense will operate though. This is not a bad thing, no need to give our opponents this fall any idea at how the defense will look. All indications are the defense will be more multiple playing out of the 3-4, 4-3 and even the 4-2-5 depending on matchups and situations. This is a very wise “horses for courses” approach that I think will do UW well and play to their strengths. I’m sure the identity of the defense will become clearer when fall camp gets going and at that point my spring malaise will be long gone as Fall Saturday’s in Laramie are within clear view.

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