I have returned from my week on the road and now the blogging can recommence. Over the weekend the Pokes defeated Boise State by the score of 64-54 improving to a record of 19-9 for the year. This is important because “Frank the Tank” is no more as the Pokes are done streaking in a negative sense. The four previous games were quite ugly with Pokes letting go of halftime leads in each contest. With just two games left in the regular season perhaps the Cowboys can close out with a three game winning streak but that could prove to be a difficult task considering the last game is on the road against UNLV.

The previous four games were difficult to take as the Cowboys could have been victorious in each of them. Yet, there is no need to hang our heads and think what might have been because this is just year one in a rebuilding process. Before the season if I offered you a 19-9 record with 2 games left in conference play I’m pretty sure you would have taken that deal with a smile on your face. It is a big improvement over our form the past few seasons under the direction of the used car salesman.

Larry Shyatt has produced results and will continue to produce as he upgrades the talent in the program. Wyoming should be a lock for some sort of postseason (the NIT or the make beleive invite) which will allow our younger players a few more games to learn and grow as we build for next season. There is also a chance that we could earn a bid to the dance if our chips fall right in Vegas, crazier things have happened! So hold tight and hope for better rebounding and three point shooting in future seasons as the program grows.