With the 68-66 upset win over number 11 UNLV on Saturday the Cowboys have seen their RPI greatly improve. The Cowboys now have an RPI of 73 after being ranked 92nd following the road loss at TCU last week. The strength of schedule also improved jumping from 188 to 142 and is on course to finish at 101 according to statsheet.com. This is a very positive sign for the Cowboys and the key now is to keep winning. Wyoming has a chance to really improve their RPI with games still left against New Mexico, CSU, San Diego State, and UNLV all of which have higher RPI’s.

A 2-2 record or better against these  higher rated teams down the stretch should be the goal for the Pokes. This along with holding court against the lower ranked teams that Wyoming should be favorites against could see the brown and gold very much in the NCAA tournament conversation. The Cowboys will also have an additional chance to enhance their resume in the conference tourney in Vegas with a win or two. Anything is possible at this point in time, it’s a good position to be in comparison to this time last year!